Coffee Cart Permit

Saw a mobile coffee biz operating in Taipei ( It is a bicycle coffee cart that pops up in public places. I wanted to setup something similar so I want to know:

  1. Any permits required?
  2. Are public places fair game for setting up?

Certainly not fair game. Officially a permit is required, unofficially you need to bribe police and gangsters. People do just set up but if you do so you’ll eventually be hit with a spot fine. Also as a foreigner its illegal without an open work permit and you could be deported.

Sorry to rain on your parade. Maybe someone else will have more positive input.

Thx. Would you happen to know what the official permit is?

This would be much more my style:

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The Government was actually giving away solar powered coffee bikes. I saw that news a while ago but I guess as summer comes it would be great to choose a spot near parks -not inside, it’s illegal- or other high traffic places.

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