Coffee, the puppy is available for adoption

I’ll call it…not sure of the sex yet, Coffee

I found the little guy this evening, outside a train station in Hsinchu. I can’t tell the sex, appears to be less than 2 months old…but about the size of a fully grown Chihuahua.

Its not very good with other dogs, and will snap/bite if approached by other dogs…so it’s first introduction to my other dogs, made the little guy a bit snappy/nervous.

I will be deworming him, and get it up to date on its shots. He does warm up to you, if you just be patient, and let him come to you…as is the case with any dog.

If anyone can provide for the little guy, feel free to message me, or leave a comment and I’ll contact you.

Let me know, otherwise, I will go ahead with my TNR of this little guy but I’ll try for a few weeks to rehome him.

You can find pictures at the link below. … 8394805335