Colder weather this month in Taiwan

Seems colder than past years for this month, will get to 17C on Sunday here in KHH (forcast) which is cold (heavy coat time for some) for here. Does it seem colder to others here, or am I thinking too much if this related to current events?

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Probably too early to say - but scientists are going to be writing papers about what happened to pollution, climate, weather, animals, etc. during the Covid-19 Shutdown of 2020 for many, many years to come.

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Yes, for many years to come. This seems (I hope) a once in lifetime event.

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When the cold front moves away a little -like last Friday- it gets to 30 degrees. If a cold front hits US, it gets so cold it snows on the mountains.

So yes, I do agree it feels colder than usual. Normally in April we get maintenance for our air conditioning and there would be sales on fans. Clothes stores still have long sleeves, with occasional shorts popping here and there.

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Last few days have been cooler in KHH to me… But before that was fine.

It’s mostly in the mornings, warms up just fine around 8-9 unless it’s cloudy.

Does this have anything to do with the famous “pollution winds” that come from China? Are they shifting back?

I think the CWB would have a historical chart of observed weather available in CSV format or something. But, anecdotally, I do think that Taipei is getting colder and more windy.

It is cold and depressing today. Last night I woke up at 3AM and my feet felt like they were in the north sea. I will wear socks tonight.

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Same in Bay Area we have colder weather it seems when the sun is down like 5 to 7 c

But daytimes gets back to normal for this time of about 18 to 22c

5-7 is cold ! here was 16-17 at night, it’s cold

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One of the aircraft carrier sailors has died from the virus
Unfortunately to be expected I guess considering how many are infected

I still saw heavy coats tonight, so still cold to some people here.

Weather changes of course but April In north Taiwan usually meant rain and the first big thunderstorms and soon very soon towards the end of april…BANG. You are in Summer

Of course things can be different who knows

Past couple days have been very hot in KhH. Seems like the weather meister is just flipping the switch from hot to cold And now back to hot.

Nights are nice, perfect weather though ! Not too cold.