Colin Powell to resign

abc news says that Powell is going to quit. he has had problems with others…

no story yet, but there’s a banner on cnn now too. what effects will this have?

there’s a story now, but not much info: … index.html


But a senior State Department official characterized Powell’s departure this way: “He was not asked to stay.”

For months Powell said he served at the pleasure of the president, suggesting he might stay if asked.

“That didn’t happen,” the senior official said. But the official also said Powell “never asked to stay and was never asked to leave.”[/quote]

The only sane moderate person in the whole administration and they forced him out. Now the Neo-cons will really be in their own little world in the Oval Office.

Hey Colin where are you going?
I dont understand why he quit.

He was forced out by the Neo-cons that dominate the administration. The only sane moderate man in the whole administration. Now we have a bunch of hawks and vultures in the oval office.

The Dove has left the building.

Colin is the dove and Condoleezza the hawk??
Not really a charming picture.

Since the WH has come forward with the reccomendation of Dr. Condoleeza Rice for the position of Sec. State an interesting phenomena has developed.
Liberals and leftists have suddenly taken to making a public display of their closeted racism.
The political cartoons and left-wing columnists and web sites have begun using racial insults against Dr. Rice in a manner akin to KKK literature of the white-sheet era.
A good example of this is taken up by ‘Ramblings’ Journal’

Leftists figure it’s fair game to insult Rice’s race – after all, she’s “only a conservative”
November 17, 2004

"Leftist columnists and cartoonists have opened up with both barrels on Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice. As many remember, moonbat Ted Rall used his waste of space in newspapers everywhere this summer to insult Dr. Rice’s race. Project 21 sent a formal letter of protest (under my signature) to Rall’s synidcator, Kansas City-based United Press Syndicate, demanding Rall’s removal from their slate of cartoonists, barring an apology. We also sent letters to the National Association of Black Journalists, the NAACP and Rainbow/PUSH, asking for their support in the matter.

United blew us off, saying that it was a free-speech issue; the NAACP sent us a form letter that basically said thanks, but no thanks; and from the NABJ & Jesse Jackson, we heard crickets." (excert from brief article)

Article has some good examples of racist cartoons and links to further examples.
And this is from those who wish for ‘tolerance and diversity’? Whats wrong with this picture?

Just to give a few examples, here’s a Danziger cartoon portraying Rice as an ignorant house slave a’la “Gone with the Wind”:

and Ted Rall’s “house nigga” cartoon:

Compare and contrast with Cox and Forkum’s take:

Question for the left wing nuts here: which cartoon is respectful of Condi Rice? Which cartoons are disrespectful towards her? Which sides of the political spectrum are Cox, Forkum, Danziger, and Rall known to be on? Do you really feel comfortable about your portrayal of Republicans as racists, given that the Democrat-fanatic cartoonists are the ones portraying Rice as an ignorant slave while the Republican-leaning cartoonists portray her as a capable, strong woman? Why or why not?

Because a few cartoons cross the line, the entire Left has something to be ashamed of?

Also, in the quoted article, the outraged author takes issue with:

It’s a caricature, which tends to exagerate people’s features, and in this case, status/relationship with the president. Rice is Black, she does have a gap between her teeth. Did you see the drawing of Bush? No eyes, huge ears… And that’s from the cartoonist you liked!

Blind people everywhere! Rise up!

Or, were you guys just trolling? Oh, that’s right…

Biography of Dr. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor

Whilst she has an educational record to be make even the most academic feel envious, I am not at all certain that this means she will be a good Sec State. She may well be a very good one but there are a number of areas for concern that have been presented in the media. Is she prepared to argue against the prevailing wind in the white house, to offer alternatives and really stand up to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc if she needs to? Are her human management skills up to the task (there appear to be questions over her time as National Security Advisor). Is her training and thinking too cold war? These seem more important than her gap tooth. I guess only time will tell. Of course one of these problems is the flip side of a possible advantage over Powell - ie that she has an invite to the main table in the White House and is therefor less likely to be undermined or subject to manouvering by Rummy et al when ever she leaves the country.

An obvious candidate but an interesting one all the same.
(and i don’t give a damn about her sex, colour, choice of fabirc softener, motor, sports team or sunny d)

Why is it necessary for her to “argue against the prevailing wind”? If a course of action is correct, and both she and the President are in agreement, so much the better – as opposed to Powell, who made some embarassingly stupid policy statements that he later had to retract.

If Rice can whip the State Department into shape, then perhaps in 2008, President Ashcroft won’t have to kick their asses into line.

Some of those caricatures of Rice are racist. It’s crude character assassination.

The first two cartoons that MaPoSquid includes are horrible, and regardless of the woman’s politics, should not be accepted.

The others don’t seem to be anything more than standard political satire.

"Powell is quoted as describing the neocons to British foreign minister, Jack Straw, as “fucking crazies”."

Yeah, I think “fucking crazies” said publicly will easily get you fired out of this administration.

Heard EJ Dionne and some RW think tank guy yesterday on NPR, discussing Bush’s cabinet moves. Pretty funny in a not hah hah way. Dionne made a pretty strong case that Bush’s management style led directly to Al Qaeda’s ‘success’ on 9/11, to the Plame affair, to the Iraq war, to Abu Ghraib, to the inept nationbuilding by the CPA in Iraq, to the Scully v. Frost Medicare-bill cost fraud, etc. The think tank guy finally just seemed to shrug and, figuratively throwing up his hands, said, “Well, Bush prizes loyalty above all else. It’s his style!”

The guy was exasperated. Couldn’t NPR listeners understand - if not embrace - the idea that the nation could best be served by cabinet members whose first loyalty is GW Bush? Christ, it won him the election, what more could Americans ask of their president?

The Democratic party:Modern day slave master
J. Matt Barber, November 19, 2004
—clickable link to article

"You see, the Democratic Party, the liberal “mainstream” media and the rest of the cultural elites are having a very hard time handling Dr. Rice

Yeah, I think “fucking crazies” said publicly will easily get you fired out of this administration. [/quote]
And, frankly, who could blame them if that were the case? But it isn’t; Powell committed to one term, and everyone except the fanatical loons like yourself expected him to leave after that one term.

But if Powell really did say that, then Bush would have had no choice other than to fire him if Powell had subsequently insisted on staying, just as Bush fired his SecTreas when the idiot tried to torpedo Bush’s tax-cut policy – said tax-cut policy being the main thing that brought the U.S. economy out of recession after Sept. 11th.

I don’t buy the Guardian’s drivel, though. Powell is many things, but an ass is not one of them.


To think that Republicans are fiscally conservative is a little naive. Under both Reagan and and now Bush the Republicans have run deficits. Under Clinton there were budget surpluses. Interestingly enough though when Republican administrations do run deficits much of the public spending is going toward corporations such as military supply companies. They do tend to be fiscally conservative, however, when it comes to social spending on health care, education, and social security. The net effect of this strategy is to cyphon off tax payers money into the hands of the wealthy rather than as a means of wealth distribution.

Don’t you also agree that the racist derision directed towards Dr. Condaleeza Rice, which is being largely ignored by the mainstream media, is showing black and other minoritie what low regard the Democratic party, as it currently is, has for them?

Umm, I’m not sure what planet or alternate dimension you’re in, but in the one the rest of us live on/in, Clinton benefitted from a massive bubble in the stock market that drove up tax revenues quite unreasonably, and from a major cutback in military requirements (thanks to the “Cold War” that Reagan/Bush1 won) that drove down spending by a few percent.

Bush2 inherited a recession from the Clinton administration, and saw a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil that drove down investment and forced the first major military operations in thirty years.

The “Halliburton! Halliburton!” crap is over a few MILLION dollars. The Social Insecurity budget alone is in the BILLIONS, as are WIC/foodstamps, Medicare, and all the other social programs that eat up the majority of the federal budget. I realize that Dumbocraps are math-challenged, so let me just point out that “BILLION” is 1000 times larger than “MILLION” (in U.S. math terms, anyway – I have heard that the Europeans have their own silly notions about such terms).