College Football 2006

Anyone else follow college football? I can’t get into to pro football, so all I ever watch is college. Now I’m in Taiwan and it is really hard to find anywhere, except online radio. I started this thread as a place for college football fans to discuss the new season which kicked off this last weekend.

I was born and raised in Nebraska, and attended UNL. Even more binding is I worked with the sports program at UNL last year, and a lot of the guys on the team now. So, of course, I’m a die hard Husker fan. Huskers beat Louisiana Tech on Saturday 49-10. Not a tough team to start with, but certainly a better start than last year. We have USC in 2 weeks, that will be a hell of a game. We also have Texas later in the season. I’m hoping for a Big XII Championship this year and the automatic BCS beerth. A tough Big XII tpg et through like always, but I think the Huskers’ offence has improved a lot since last season, and the defence, which lead the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss last year, is just as strong, if not stronger.

Go Big Red.

Attended LSU here so naturally a big Tigers fan… =) I’m rooting for your team come USC time…


btw… anybody watching the miami/florida game? great game! tied 10-10 in 4th quarter…

Thanks to your tip off on the TVU thing, I watched a bit of it. Not a bad game. FSU just clutched it. As a Husker fan I don’t have much good to say about either team, but I would like to see the Huskers get another shot at FSU. We kind of got ripped off in 1993.