Colorado store that boycotted Nike after Colin Kaepernick ad will close


I think some of these boycotts are just wacky.

NIKE has had several controversies over the years, from sweatshop labour, allegations of child labour, underpaying people in China, the Paradise Papers alleging tax evasion. All things that have serious consequences for real people and affect real lives…and he chooses to boycott over a football player whose only controversy is the timing of when he chooses to exercise his freedom of speech.

Children robbed of their childhoods, horrible working conditions, money possibly stolen from the American taxpayer for roads, schools and hospitals…and he’s offended over an ad that featured a person making a gesture in a disputably inappropriate time?

Welcome to America. Hurting pride is a bigger offence than theft.


Thats exactly right. I find it appaling they use a football player with a message to make all the bleeding hearts totally ignore what nike does in places in china.

Be it environmental or moral labour issues…its phugging joke and when people play that moral high ground card, just ask: which country are your shoes made in? Nuff said.


They aren’t even made by Nike but Taiwanese subsidiaries (some of which are probably the biggest footwear companies you’ve never heard of ) so they can 'wash their hands ’ from the stench of exploitation .


Right, but the fact that Nike-associated shoes are being made by contractors Nike CHOSE to buy from, should be 10x more offensive than some knee to the nation’s pride.

I just wanna go up to this guy and be like, ‘Really? With a rap sheet this long, THAT’s what finally offends you?’

This is like saying that everyone was totally fine with Cardinal Pell until he accidentally coloured the Australian flag the wrong shade of blue.

Out of all the shitty things Nike and others have done, he picks the least shitty thing to get offended with.


Customers always should shoulder reaponsibility. There is no claiming ignorance on this issue. If even the general public right down to the end user know, they are all responsible.

I hear what youre saying about taiwanese textile companies they are huge and often horrible entities. Doesnt take away nikes guilt, jist simply adds another group of evil doers.


I didn’t say it absolved them, just deceiving the way they optimise profits and keep removed from the reality.


just an example of the tard-right’s economic savvy and easy butthurtness.

I am sure the owner yells ‘triggered’ a lot, hates snowflakes and loves Hannity.