Combo washer drier smell

Off smell to clothes, imparted when using the full wash and dry function only. Washing clothes to line dry does not impart any smell.

Looking for suggestions from any owners of these combo beasts on how to clear the smell, without using chlorine bleach.

Many thanks for your time.

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I can’t be completely sure it’s the same thing, but when we had an issue with our washer we called a company that just takes apart washers and cleans them. Mold inside the washing machine is a pretty common problem here (not so much in my dry hometown) and sure enough they found a lot of built-up mold. They took about 2 hours to take it apart and clean it well. No more smell!

Let me know if you want their information. They might be able to tell you with more certainty if it needs to be cleaned.

If you got one of those front loading washer… be aware that it can cost quite a bit more to take apart and clean.

If I had to do it I would do it myself.

I did that a few months ago. After I reassembled the machine, I ended up with half a dozen spare screws. But the machine works just fine.

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We have a top-loading machine so it was about 500NTD for us.

It’s one of those Japanese front loader washer drier combos. The problem I have a hunch is actually specific to these. All owners get the smell after a while I’m pretty sure. They have a self cleaning cycle which you can use periodically, it’s what you put in it to make the smell go away. The only other contact I have with one put in vinegar, the smell went but her machine broke down a few months later, my guess is vinegar corroded or stuffed some seal inside.

Thanks, this is probably a last resort option, in truth I would probably just not use the full wash to dry function if we can’t get rid of the smell by emptying a bottle of something into the thing.

That’s 5 more than me, with nearly everything I’ve ever disassembled, you have excelled!

These things are pretty finely weight calibrated as the drum is heavy and spins fast, I don’t think I’d dare take it apart.

I think the Japanese have some sort of detergent to clean this kinds of machines
You can get them in poya
Remember to look for the ones for front loaders
Perhaps it would help

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Dryers have a fluff filter somewhere that you need to take out and clean sometimes. If it’s clogged it doesn’t dry properly or takes way longer.

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The front loading washer dryer combo doesn’t have a lint filter, not ones I can see anyways.

Where does that go than?

I don’t know either

I quickly google it.

It says they’re automatically removed somehow

Well for what I remember the front loaders use a suction technique to drain the water
The drain pipe is hung higher than top loaders
Maybe that’s how they remove it

It’s got a lint filter, we empty it every month or other. But there is some growth deep within this monstrous thing.

If I had it again, I wouldn’t buy one of these. Thought it would be good for the wet season, when you sometimes haven’t got time to line dry stuff. But you rarely end up using the wash to dry function. And when you do these days, the clothes smell like parmesan. Nothing beats line (read coat hanger) dried clothes.

The best option is always separate washer and dryer. More space sure, a bit more expensive but few of the disadvantages of a combo.

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I use them and always use the wash to dry option. I don’t get any weird smells. This allows me to not have to dedicate space for drying clothes