Comedian steve harvey talks about rap … ed&search=

i guess Steve is a racist,hateful bigot.

“no ran the man only you are.”

just thought i’d answer before you bunch of clinton-era liberal exports to taiwan get a chance to take a cheap shot at me.

Nope. Poor old Steve is just an old fart out of touch with youth. He thinks the only good music is the music he heard in high school. Moribund. A dinosaur. Hell of a difficult thing, being a musician when you’re stuck in a previous decade and find it difficult to open your ears.
Hell, the music I play on stage is from the fucking 1920s, but I still hear that old hoppity hippity stuff in some of the stuff we do.
Closed ears make a shite musician, ran.

Yea, but can we all agree that . . .

Rap should not be denied, however cliched and cheezy much of it has become.
Most of the pap will fade out, and some freak will come around and mix up those old school beats.
Which is essentially what rock’n’roll does, if its shows any at all honest homage to past pickers, soulsters, wailers, beaters, and funkateers…

What comes around, goes around.
That’s the beauty of the universal language of music.

[color=darkred][i]“Bring That Beat Back!”[/i][/color]