Where can I buy a comforter (comfortor?) for my super-hard mattress.

I saw some at Ikea and they were tres expensive.

Also anyone with experience of comforters know how thick you need one before it’s comfy?


A comforter is like a big, snuggly, blanket or bed spread, right? I’ve been looking for ages for something to soften up the sleeping surface. Still looking. But you can find a nice down (is that how you spell that?) comforter at any department store. Not cheap, but not too bad considering it’s like wrapping up in a cloud to sleep.

We’ve got these sheepskin-type things that have an elasticated rim or hem or whatever, which fits tightly over the mattress and goes on under the bottom sheet. Very comfy and I believe imported from NZ. I’ll ask where they came from, but I seem to recollect they’re from a sale in a fancy-schmancy bedding shop in the Far Eastern Plaza.

My girlfriend paid quite a lot of money for a nice wool-filled Japanese-style mattress, but unfortunately one of our dogs decided it would be a nice place to take a piss. Does anyone know whether these things can be effectively dry cleaned, or should I just burn it and get a new one?

No way! We used to have one of those years ago and the same thing happened, except it was cats. The first time :shock: it happened, we got it professionally cleaned and it worked great. The second time :shock: :shock: (some folks never learn how to make sure a door is kept shut) it wasn’t so successful and we had to toss it.
Its definitely worth a try before you ditch it – if its wool-filled I’m guessing it wasn’t particularly cheap.

Fabreeze works for animal urine stains. Try it before you toss it.

Is Febreeze available in Taiwan? I have been looking for it for a long time now. The last bottle I had was bought in HK.