Commander in Chief

I know another US TV show, but I think everyone would like this one. Commander in Chief with Geena Davis. I am watching the pilot as I write this and having even gotten half way thru and I’m hooked!!! This show is something to keep an eye on. Hope you guys watch it and comment on it.

I caught an episode or two early on. It wasn’t bad. I’m not much of a TV drama person so I didn’t stick with it. It seems the novelty wore off for everyone because I don’t think its coming back this fall.

I thought it was trite and poorly written. A far step below the west wing which wasn’t my cup of tea though I readily acknowledge its quality. This one seems like it was made by the CBC.

I thought Davis was making the role pretty believable and I enjoyed watching the 1st season, the story has a nice plot and Geena is gorgeous!

Set your video recorders to record it at 8:30pm, Saturday night, or shortly afterwards, on GongShi, public TV, Channel 13 in TienMu. No Commercials either and right afterwards is NCIS (also without any commericals, I said it was public TV!) another top rated program from the USA.

Enjoy it while it lasts, that show has been cancelled in the States. I never saw it, but I haven’t been a fan of Ms. Davis ever since she split with Jeff Goldblum.

I’m a fan BECAUSE she split with him. He’s finneeeeee. :laughing:

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