Commute Question

I’m going to be at Shida next year and I’m considering some teaching offers as well. I’ll likely live in Da’an, I have family and connections there and it’s close to Shida. If I commute to Yonghe City across the river to teach, is that going to be a significant time cost? It looks fairly doable by public transport, but it’s technically out of Taipei City and into Taipei county. I’d appreciate any thoughts, thanks!


Depends where in Yonghe, but if it’s close to an MRT station, you’ll be fine.

Back when I first lived in Taiwan, pre-MRT, the commute was a bitch. But now, with the MRT, it’s a snap.

Bus 254, 214 and many others are for you. Or take the MRT to the closest point and then transfer to bus.

Should take about half an hour.

Thanks for the responses! I checked the address (I think I did, anyway, it’s hard to google map Chinese). It’s pretty close to the Yongan Market station on the Zhonghe line, but I’ll check out the buses as well. I’m not positive where I’ll live yet, so it’s good to know there’s options. Thanks again!

Do it. No problem. A few minutes and no cost of car expense. A cheap commute.

Thanks! I’ve been looking things up (the MRT website is my new friend) and it’s definitely doable. I’m debating between living in the Guting station area (closer to commute, Shida) or the Da-an station area (closer to family). Guting’s a straight shot by subway, Da-an would be by bus. Any thoughts on which area is nicer/more/convenient/less expensive? Much appreciated.