Commuting from Yilan to Taipei

I am currently in the interview process for a really good job in Taipei.

My partner and I live in Luodong, and though I really want the job we don’t want to move to the city. We were considering moving to Toucheng or Jiaoxi and commuting. I know quite a lot of Taiwanese people do this, so it must be feasible? Anyone have any experience or know anyone who does this?


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I know several people who do this daily. It’s quite reasonable if you don’t mind the commute time. From Jiaoxi by bus its about 50min to city hall and Toucheng is about the same to Nangang. If the two of you are commuting then a car will be a bit cheaper and quicker.

Moving to Yilan, Jiaoxi or Toucheng would definitely help. The only issue is the traffic, depending at what time you go to Taipei it may be a breeze or a pita. The same applies to the way back.

It’s not bad though, I need 50/60 minutes to make it to Taipei by bus (Nangang or Technology building, depending on where I need to go). I dont do it daily, but I’m very often there. I know some people who live there and need roughly the same amount if time to get to their office because of traffic.

Well that’s good news! Yeah what I’m trying to gauge is the traffic situation really. I would imagine that in the mornings it’s fairly quick, and coming back is where I might run into trouble? I’d be going in for 9am (so on the bus at around 7.30) and finishing somewhere between 5-8.

I’ve been stuck on the bus coming back from Taipei to Luodong for 2+ hours quite a a few times, but I think that only seems to happen on weekends.

Except for Fridays you should be fine.

Buses around 7.30 are usually a breeze from Yilan/Luodong/Jiaoxi to Taipei. In my experience peak hour is between 6 and 7, then it gets more reasonable.
On the way back it can get pretty crowded after 5.30/6pm, especially on Fridays, but as soon as the bus leaves the area around Taipei and reaches the highway to Yilan then traffic becomes reasonably smooth.
Going to Nangang is a lot better because it allows you to dodge all the nasty traffic, but it can a bit far depending on where in Taipei you have to go.

For the most part at those times you’ll be avoiding the tourist traffic to yilan so its pretty smooth. Monday mornings during summer getting a seat on the 740 bus from Toucheng can be a bit tricky. Lots of people stay the extra night to avoid Sunday traffic