Company for House Cleaning


is anyone aware of a company that would provide a cleaning service for the house?

I have basically all the tools to clean but if cleaner bring things by their own is also a plus.

I don’t need a regular cleaning lady just ‘una tantum’ for a deeper cleaning since now it’s spring season :slight_smile:

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Please post here if you find someone

My place is pretty clean but I need someone to do some specific jobs only. I have a hard to clean floor type on the bathroom and one needs to brush is manually. I can’t do it due to a muscle injury. Also I need someone to polish my pans and pots. To do things like that I don’t need a frequent cleaner but someone who will do it very well. No need to clean the floor, the kitchen etc. Do these cleaning services companies accept such types of requests? I have seen how cleaner clean here, and although they make you feel like the house has been cleaned, I don’t need someone to mop the floor, remove dust on shelves etc. my place is extremely clean already. Just go in and polish the pans and clean that pia floor. It will take long, but if they require a minimum of hours I would let them clean windows or something like that to accumulate the hours.