Complete Guide to Opening a Rep Office 2011 Update



You cannot cancel. They have to report any cancellation to the respective authorities, which would not go well for you. At least that’s my understanding.

I honestly forget the name. I closed my office four years ago! But has lots of places like that. Just search the area you want, like Taipei, and put the price at like below 3000. You’ll find a bunch.

Good luck!



I believe the MOEA links above are dead. The applications that I have found were here (but appear to be last updated in 2009). Help with the links please :disappointed_relieved:
I see several forms and don’t know if I need all four of them or not.
-Foreign Company Assignment of Representative 外國公司指派代表人在中華民國境內為法律行為報備(變更)申請書
-Reporting Designated Representative of Foreign Company指派代表人報備表 外國公司
-Application for Recognition of Foreign Company外國公司(變更)認許及分公司(變更)登記申請書
-Recognition Form for Foreign Company 認許表 外國公司


Haha I’m sure they are dead! I closed my office four years ago so sadly I don’t have the latest info. Hopefully someone will come out with a Rep Office 2017 Update :smiley:


Hey everyone,

First of all, thanks @Lee_Kohl and @quanbuidoan for the great resource. I’ve decided to establish a representative office, and completed the necessary steps at the MOEA. However, I encountered some difficulty applying for the work permit at the CLA.

It’s wasn’t entirely clear which application form I should fill out, so I filled out the “B00 Overseas Chinese or Foreign Investment Officer” application.

Today I received a message saying that my application was incomplete. Besides wanting to see a translation of the employment contract and a copy of the company registration, they also wanted me to have something related to investment(請檢附投審會核發之僑外投資事業核准函影本).

I will likely call their office tomorrow to figure out the situation, but if anyone has any insight on what application form should actually be filled out, please let me know. If I do succeed in getting a visa through my rep office, I’ll post a 2018 update :wink: