Completed service--can I leave Taiwan?

Hey guys,

I’m a Taiwanese citizen who is traveling to Canada to vacation with my wife. I came back to Taiwan to fulfill my military service, which I completed. But apparently now I need to get a stamp on my passport from the government that I’ve completed my service…

I was unaware of this and my plane leaves in two days. Can I get it done by then? Where can I get it stamped (in Taipei)? Could I just bring my certificate of completion to the airport?

Do you have handwritten military card they make you fill out and give you the day you leave? You need to bring that to your local conscription office (one in your district. I thibk it must be the one in your district you were living in when you were conscripted) and turn it in and get your passport stamped. You can not leave if you don’t. The customs agent will not let you pass without the stamp. You may be able to do it early Monday and catch the plane or see if they are open Sunday.