Computer books

Does anyone know where I can buy computer books in English?

The very best I’ve found is Tien Lung (or Tenlong) Bookstore at:

ChongChing South Rd, Sec. 1, No. 107

ACK! I LOVE the computer book stores on bookstore street!!!

Okay they’re not cheap but who cares! Actually you’re paying regular price but they do have discounts on the older books. FUN!

With all the people who work in the computers industry in Taiwan, how come there’s so few usersgroups??

I have some old titles. PM me and I’ll check my suitcase.

Wrong thread!

Right thread, wrong post.

I think the only other option is to go to Hsinchu. The two large universities there- Ching Da and Jiao Da- are engineering/comp sci schools. There’s a bookstore in Ching Da, near the big pond, that has English computer books. A good variety, but not great. If you can’t find it, just ask one of the students where it is.

I’m looking for a Clickart book like this: Broderbund’s ClickArt 750,0o00 ( – Can I find this at Ten Long? (Ran a search on their website, but no luck)

I’ve checked Senseio. Any advice would be much appreciated. So would offers to sell a second hand copy :slight_smile: Cheers

You can ask them to order it!

there is a small bookstore that has all english books…from hardcore EE, physics, etc…mostly for students taking classes. it’s located in the bookstore area. i forget the exact name of the place. it’s on the second floor…right above the burger king. does anyone know which place i’m talking about? sorry, i can’t remember the name…

Don’t know the bookstore above Burger King but theres another bookstore on bookstore street called Shin Lou Book Co that sells english textbooks as well.

There is a text book store between Eslite Bookstore and McDonalds on Shin Hai road across from Tai Da. It carries some english computer text books. Not many of the “How to” variety.

I almost cried when I saw the low price of computer/text books here versus the price I paid for them in N.America when I went to school. (Dang, not to mention you can get the teacher’s/answer manuals too!! Shaeeeesh, could have got straight As!)

I forgot the name of the bookstore on “bookstore street” that had the large selection of english computer books on one side and the computer books in chinese on the other. It was an excellent store though, great selection.