Computer speaker recommendation

I really need to stop using headphones so much and I’d like to have a decent pair of computer speakers. I was looking into that 2000nt JS, one of those Bose Bluetooth speakers that sounds a lot bigger than its size, or A Usher amp and a pair of S520 speaker.

Is there anything else I should look into? Amp + speaker is expensive, and bulky, but sounds really good. I heard the Bose Soundlink mini II is really good, but other than price any issues I should be aware of?

What’s your budget?

I like to keep it under 3000 if possible.

I guess at that price I’d go to Guanghua and try to get the best powered computer speakers I could. You could get a cheap digital amp for a few k and try to pick up some used bookshelf speakers, if you have a bit more

I have about $6000nt to spend on a 2.1 setup. Any recommendations?

Is the Razer Leviathan soundbar worth the money?