Computex postponed

SARS is now hitting the economy big-time. … x=20030430

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 Postponed to Provide SARS-Free Environment for Its Participants

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003, originally taking place at June 2nd ~ 6th, will be postponed owing to the SARS outbreak. The organizers (TCA - Taipei Computer Association & CETRA - China External Trade Development Council) hope to provide a most comfortable and healthy environment for visitors through this decision. Exhibitors and buyers have also shown their supports towards our latest announcement.
Surveys had being sent earlier to COMPUTEX TAIPEI’s exhibitors and buyers to survey on their opinions and suggestions towards the show date. The results show that most of the exhibitors would like the show to be postponed due to the current SARS situation around the world. Due to such suggestions and current government regulations of 10 days isolation towards visitors from infected countries, the organizers have decided to postpone the show to allow participants to have a greater enjoyment during their visit to COMPUTEX TAIPEI.

I pretty much anticipated that. Anyone know if the Taipei City Govt’s dragon-boat racing events in June will be canceled too?

It’s too bad, but I guess they had to do what they had to do.

The article doesn’t tell us specifically for how long the show will be postponed, I see they are negotiating this. Any guesses when it will take place?

It’s being reported that Computex will be postponed until September or November. The problem is, companies typically have to reserve hotel rooms, suites and meeting areas 1 year in advance. A bunch of hotels are going to be seriously hurting because of June cancellations. … /01/204168

Computex is SARS victim

Domestic firms may lose orders totaling tens of billions of NT dollars if it were cancelled, Chao said.

“We can’t afford for the show to be cancelled,” he stressed.

The show’s postponement is expected to hurt other businesses including hotels, restaurants and the entertainment industry.

"We may lose several billion NT dollars in sales simply from these sectors alone,"Chao said.

More stupid overreaction if you ask me. The chances of being killed because one of the display stands falls over and hits you are proabbly more than the chances of dying form SARS.


Brian, but I think it’s NOt the dying from SARS that is scaring visitors to COMPTEX away, but FEAR of SARS, fear of epidemic, a real fear of a disease that has not been well understood yet. I have heard from friends in France and Los Angeles that they have postponed plans to visit Japan, Taiwan, China this coming year, due to the SARS fear. THeir wives and husbands won’t let them go. FEAR. Fear of the unknown. That 's what this is all about. Sure, you could die more easily getting run over by Taipie traffic than SARS, but…

And how does this fear propagate? Largely through hysteria, panic and misinformation. A bit like your posts, Formosa. Read this article. Recognize yourself?

[Yes, Sandman, I recognize myself there, but it’s not me. It’s your misunderstanding of me…]

[But Sandman, since I am in quarantine as this moment, (notice the brackets) I can’t chat with you very long, doctor’s orders, but just one thing, my good man: I have never been hysterical about SARs, I have never panicked and I have never given out misinformation as facts like that article in the Scotsman notes about panicking Scotsmen. I was merely sounding the alarm, and many of the things I noted have happened. While, you, my friend, were back there saying: Oh, nothing to worry about, SARS is not coming to Taiwan anyways, nothing to worry about here, Taiwan has is all under control, no need to be afraid, China yes, but Taiwan, never. Relax, formosa, you said, get over it. Well, look what has happened. I think you still don’t get it. And I think I know why. You are constitutionally unable to get energized about anything. In your world, everything is hunky dory, all the trains run on time, your wife loves you and your family back in the UK sends their regards and there is nothing that will ever upset your little applecart. You are lucky. You should count your blessings.]

[Anyway, why do YOU think the COMPUTEX show was cancelled? Because people were reading my posts and they panicked? Look, Sandy, when Taiwan comes to a complete stop one of these days, let’s meet for a beer or two and compare notes then. I see your points and they are all well taken. But I wish you could just step out of your own comfortable shoes for just a few seconds and see my points for what they are: they are not fear or panic. They are a kind of Internetian humor, mixed in with extrapolation and zen morning calm. If I ever alarmed you, I apologize, but I did mean to sound an alarm, with good intentions. Those who heard me heard me. You can’t hear me, for some reason. Must be the way I talk…]

[Look, this thing is for real, whatever it is. If you don’t want to call it SARS, call it anything you like. Call SARS a conspiracy if you wish, and say that nobody in Taiwan has actually died of SARS. That’s fine with me. I am thinking more and more that it is actually YOU who is afraid and panicking and hysterical, but you are keeping it all in, stiff upper lip and all that. If that gets you thru the day, good. We all need all the help we can get these days… and again, I do apologize if I added unncessarily to your sense of panic. That was not my intention at all. Good health to you and yours, and may the next 30 days bring you relief and understanding and a better sense of the future, whatever it is to be. I may have been completely off the mark, and God I hope I was. Let’s see what happens next and next and next. As you can see, I have already started cutting down on my “hysteria, panic and misinformation.” Hey, I know when I’m not getting through to anyone…]


Huh? I said that? Check back. I believe my posts could be better summarized as “no point in panicking.” I also don’t understand the difference in print between hysterical panicking and “pretend” hysterical panicking.

Three weeks ago when reported cases of SARS were mainly confined to southern China, the Taipei government did almost nothing to screen Taiwanese workers returning for their weekend in Taiwan.

Quarantining workers, three weeks ago, arriving from China would have gone a long way to preventing our current predicament. Alas, all that was done then was to ask passengers to walk across a disinfecting area, which was aimed at killing the germ, much like a host will ask a guest to take off his shoes before entering the host

I’m definitely not an expert on this. But don’t you think that Computex would be a big failure right now, anyway? I don’ t think many overseas visitors would come at this point. Most German businesses seem to have cancelled all East Asia trips until an unforeseen point in the future. And those expats that are located in East Asia are advised not to travel. Didn’t the US issue a travel warning for Taiwan? So, the damage is already done IMHO, and postponing the Computex might actually reduce it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the very last person to make any hype out of SARS (unlike my Shanghai colleague who pointed out this morning that Taiwan seems to be catching up with Hong Kong - same amount of new infections :?). But I can understand a certain reasoning behind this step.

However, postponing the Dragon Boat races would be a different thing, I believe


Well if it is held between September and November that means that it will be held very close to Comdex in Vegas… I wonder how much of an impact this is going to have on the show…

[Sandman, Alleycat says it all above. That’s all I was ever saying as well, although, well, maybe I erred on the side of hyperbole. Admitted. Guilty as charged. I was just trying to raise the alarm. It was not PRETEND hyserical panicking. It was rhetorical hysterical panicking, like an acting class. Okay, so I am not the ham I thought I was. I paid the price. I am in quarantine now, voted off the island…]


But Comdex was a complete bust last year…and it might have been the last. :frowning: … Comdex.htm

From what I hear, the dragon-boat racing this June has now been canceled and AMPA (the motor parts and accessories show at TWTC) is also canceled.

[I think it would have been a better idea to have cancelled the year 2003 entirely even before it began, in order to have averted this crisis…This is truly going to go down in history as an “anni horibilis” or whatever those sexy Latins call things like this…]

Queen Elizabeth is a sexy Latina? Dowdy Betty Windsor?! Ay Carumba! :shock: