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Sorry. Like nails on a chalkboard.

The rule is that you use “an” before a vowel, but that’s understood to mean before a vowel SOUND. " used " begins with a consonant SOUND, a “y”. So phonetically, you’re saying, “YOO-sed.” Therefore, you must use “A used .” " An used " violates the rule.

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Thank you SirGenius :). One more thing to learn.


could’ve used ukelele, uniform, or youth for better examples
a ukelele - She plays a ukelele.
a uniform - He wears a uniform to school.
a youth - She is only a youth.


I used “used” because that was what was in the offending sentence.


On the flip side, “honest” and “honor” and other silent H initial words always trip up ESL learners too, cuz you gotta throw “an” in front of those.

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Can we get
of agreement? :wink:


not if you go ahead and sound the haitch :laughing:


Which some people do, maybe not with those words but with some others that I wouldn’t expect O_o

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