Concerns about a new job - a few questions (also scooter licenses)

When I was first in Taiwan, I didn’t have a license for years. Just the international one which I renewed and the Kaohsiung cops never gave me a hassle. But things were more chill in Taiwan then in terms of law enforcement. I wouldn’t do that today. It was the fun era of paperless scooters and I rode an old smoke belching 100cc two stroke. Scooters parked illegally everywhere, the Kaohsiung ‘left turn’, red light turns on red. All things they put a stop to today.

I was able to transfer my overseas license 5 years later so I finally went legit and don’t need to worry about any accidents.

I may have to turn it down then.

I already accepted the offer, so I feel a bit bad - but then again, maybe they should if they are shady.


Ask them the hard questions. If they don’t give you straight answers, that’s their problem.

Even if you have a contract with them already, you can terminate it on the grounds that they’re asking you to break the law (if that’s what they’re doing).