Confused about military service thing, dual citizenship

ok, i am born after 1985 and i am 20 years old now

It’s going to be tougher to avoid being in Taiwan for over 183 days per year with a pandemic going around though. Hard to travel these days, period.

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I’m sorry, what?


it it counted total for 183 days or is it you cannot stay for 183 days at once?

Yeah. I’m also confused by this.

Oh, i must go back to china because I live there, and to go back, i must apply for taibaozheng to go back. this is kind of getting off topic. I updated the description

  1. Alright, you are born in US and your parents are both Taiwanese.
  2. You apply for Taiwan passport for medical purpose … because it was cheaper.
  3. You are concern about Military service…
  4. You need to go back to China because you said you live there.

You only use Taiwan passport and NHI for medical purpose and now afraid of military service hmmm…