Confused bi teen needs help

Hi! I’m an international student here, so I’m kinda new and confused xD I heard that Taiwan is VERY open to LGBT and stuff so… I was wondering if someone could refer me to a good hangout place/bar? I am a bisexual female, but I’m really looking forward to building a female relationship here. Cafe might do, or anything tbh. My Chinese isn’t that good too so maybe a company would be great… Thanks!!!

I can’t cut and paste on my phone, but search “lesbian hang outs”. That should answer your question, although the last posts are from a few years ago.

Welcome to our community!

Make a tinder and match with a few and ask them.

Seems I can’t walk down the street without bumping into a couple. Should be quite easy to hook up.

There is an old small list of lesbian hangouts somewhere here.

I’ve seen them, but I was assuming they were outdated. Thanks tho :smiley:

loll will do. thx

The main LGBTQ bar area is ximen red house.

oooh okay! will check out. thx!