Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Taffy!

Taffy and his equally sweet counterpart have tied the knot! Congratulations, and many years of happiness together! :bravo: :rainbow:

Congrats, Taffy!

Wow. What a lucky woman! You say she is as sweet as he? Then what a lucky man too! I wish you many years of bliss together.

Indeed congrats buddies :yay:

Way to go, the Taffies!

Old Omni wishes you a heavenly honeymoon and a lifetime of marital bliss.

Congrats Taffie. Oh and don’t forget, you need to shear her when the weather is still a little bit warm.


Congrats Mr and Mrs Taffy! :slight_smile:

:bravo: Woo hoo! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Taffy! Wonderful news indeed. I haven’t met the Mrs. but I know she’s landed a fine chap.


Whee! Congratulations. :rainbow:


Congrats to Taffy!

Sincere condolences to Mrs Taffy. What a trooper!

All the very best!

Let me be the VERY FIRST to wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

Super! When’s she coming out for a curry?

Congratulations Taffy and all the best for you both.

Yep all the best from me and the old lady…

Woooooo :slight_smile: :rainbow: :banana:

You poor bastard.
Hope this marriage thing doesn’t interfere too much with your drinking.

All the best.

Very happy to hear the news. Was wondering when it was going to happen. Congratulations and all the best to both of you. Looking forward to seeing you when next you’re in Tainan.