[Conscript] Conscription of foreigners

I am a Canadian citizen born in Canada, and though i do not have a current ROC passport, my parents got me one at a young age. I am planning a trip to asia within the next few months and hopefully can visit some relatives in Taiwan, however, if I am threatened with conscription by the government, i will have to avoid it.

So, my questions are this:

What are the current laws in taiwan regarding the practice of conscripting foreigners that have never lived in taiwan?

If i enter taiwan on a canadian passport how could the immigration officials possibly have knowledge of ROC citizenship?

Have you asked the ROC overseas office about this? If not, why not? If they don’t know the answers, have you writtten to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and requested that they be fired??

Dear Wirez:

I am still waiting for your reply. I am curious as to why you can’t get a concrete answer from an ROC Overseas Representative Office.


the above might answer some Q’s of yours