Conscription and military branches and jobs


i will be moving to Taiwan in a year from now and i will be studying traditional Chinese through a language course for two years, after which i plan on staying in Taiwan. I am aware that military service is mandatory for foreigners ( i am a US citizen) so i would like to know if i will be able to choose my preferred military branch and military occupation.

i would prefer to serve in an infantry, or any similar occupation, and preferably in the army or marines since i have many family and friends who have served similar positions and i would like to experience it as well.

also i would like to ask if anyone has any info on where i can find out more about this, if there is a website perhaps or something else (place?). I would also just like to add that i will be visiting taiwan in a few months in tainan city, is there perhapse somewhere there where i could find out more?

thank you :slight_smile:


It’s not mandatory for foreigners; it’s mandatory for Taiwanese males.


Are you Overseas taiwanese? Does your family have hukou here? Do you have an ROC passport tucked away in addition to your US one? How old are you, BTW?


i am not an overseas Taiwanese, my family does not have hukou ( i have no family in Taiwan) and i do not have an ROC passport. I am 18


Whoever told you it’s mandatory for foreigners was probably thinking of dual citizens. If you’re curious, search through the threads in this category.


Take a look at this thread about your post after finishing basic training…


Then you CAN’T even volunteer/get conscripted/drafted whatever in the ROC Army. That is only for citizens.

You can come as a student, get a student visa, and pay your fare like everyone else without being drafted.

If you want to, you can open a new topic on “what revenge should be exacted upon whoever told you that you had to serve in the Army if you came to Taiwan”. I am sure our experienced old hands on the Island will be more than willing to supply with relevant ideas and assist if necessary.

Hope that you have a great time in Taiwan.


OP may have missed the part where he (she?) wants to apply for Taiwanese citizenship and serve in the army?

Otherwise OP, Icon is right, it’s not mandatory for foreigners to serve in the military.