Considering buying airbrush/compressor setup

I want to buy a compressor locally (a small 1.5hp with 6 liter tank) and a Paasche VL airbrush set from I want to know is there anything I should watch out for when buying a compressor in Taiwan? Obviously I need a regular and moisture trap (none of them are included with any compressor but can be bought for about 500-800NT locally) but will they like break down in a year or less or something? I noticed there are many makes and models of compressors but they all look pretty much the same, except for brands. They look very similar to what you would see on harbor freight in fact (and its most likely the same exact thing too since they are made in China or here)

I wont buy airbrush compressors because not only they are expensive, they wont do the psi I might need (40 and over)

I wish there is a “art and hobby” forum by the way…

As you said, they all look pretty much the same. So go for an average price range model. In Taiwan, you get what you pay for.

I second that! :smiley:

Well since I ran across this. I was wondering what they are charging for a mid range compressor or high range compressor in taiwan. I am moving to Taiwan in June I can pack my hi-line iwata airbrushes but I am going to sell my iwata power jet compressor on ebay.

I third an arts and hobby forum.

I’m in too… give the people what they want! :rant: :wink:
bobl can post more of his boat pictures there and bobpine can post more furniture pics.