Conspiracy of Taiwan products breaking down on Friday PM

Why is it? My AC living room stopped working last Friday. I finally got it fixed on the following Friday. I sufferred thru the heat wave with bedroom fans (3) turned on at each door. It got fixed on the next Friday (yesterday) and today the copier took a dive. Now, the same thing. I won’t have a copier for a week. I know my printer is next.
Everything seems to happen in a group. I post this on a computer that is absolutely bound to die in moments.
Once while travelling in a VW camper van across the U.S. in the middle of the night, my 2 kids started crying, my dog started barking, and I got a flat tire. Of course, at that moment, my wife wanted to f***. Of course, I knew that I had just crossed into Arkansas.
I feel like Deja Vue all over again. Every thing goes wrong at the same damned time.

You got fixed last Friday? Contrats to Mrs. Enigma, then. Welcome to Arkansas, BTW. We’re all F’d up here, all the time. You’ll fit right in.

Well, that one put a smile on my face. Had to get up and tell the wife. Apparently the joke doesn’t carry as well if one hasn’t been to Arkansas. But that is alright, 'cause I laughed a second time. :popcorn: