Conspiracy Theories

as one of the defenders of America on this forum, i’ve had many wacko conspiracy theories thrown my way by some of the other posters. for example, i am not sure whether Juba still believes that the second plane to hit the twin towers was a small plane packed with explosives by the CIA to frame Osama. another poster(whose name i have since forgotten…but you can do a search) threw out the theory that the Bali bombing was a plot by the CIA and Israel and involved a mini-briefcase nuke. and on and on. i hope that some of you who have not been subject to having these things thrown at you before might be a little more understanding when you are back on the other side. :slight_smile:

Juba said that? Juba, explain. Do you still believe that?

No. I never said that. I only said that I have never seen a photo or video of the first plane before it hit the tower. It’s all there in [url= old thread[/url].

AFAIK there was only one video of the first plane impacting the tower. Nobody else was pointing a camera up there, since why would they be taking a picture of some building standing around and doing nothing?

However, over a year after the attacks, a guy finally managed to get the attention of the media with his tape, which showed both planes. He was vacationing in NYC that day and wanted to see the city, so some friend took him into town; he was taping the skyline as they came in, and captured the first plane hitting the tower. They hung around to watch and happened to be there when the second plane hit the second tower as well, after which they got the hell out of there.

The tape took so long to surface because, since none of the people in the car spoke English particularly well, they couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to them about it.

You can probably find the footage online somewhere. It aired on the ABC “newsmagazine” 20/20 in late 2002.

[quote]‘If you run the twin towers footage backwards, the towers stand up again - we need to ask why has the footage only ever been run forwards?’

  • Noam Chomsky … 99,00.html[/quote]

A N D N O A M C H O M S K Y ,
S U M M E R 2 0 0 2 ,
( P L A T I N U M S E R I E S
E X T E N D E D E D I T I O N ) D V D ,
P A R T O N E .

[quote]Zinn: Note that the first thing he starts talking about is the ring. “That is no trinket you carry.” A very telling irony, that. It is the kind of irony that Shakespeare would use. It is something Iago might say. And did you hear that? “Sauron the Deceiver.” That is what Strider, the ranger with multiple names, calls Sauron. A ranger. I believe today we call them serial killers.

Chomsky: Or drug smugglers.

Zinn: And notice how Strider characterizes the Black Riders. “Neither living nor dead.” Why, that’s a really useful enemy to have.

Chomsky: Yes. In this way you can never verify their existence, and yet they’re horribly terrifying. We should not overlook the fact that Middle Earth is in a cold war at this moment, locked in perpetual conflict. Strider’s rhetoric serves to keep fear alive.

Zinn: You’ve spoken to me before about Mordor’s lack of access to the mineral wealth that the Dwarves control.

Chomsky: If we’re going to get into the socio-economic reasons why certain structures develop in certain cultures

here’s the thread. you can read it for yourself: … ght=#15580

the title of the thread, btw, is “us faked the wtc bombings”.

and i’m sure juda didn’t actually believe any of the stuff he was saying…he was merely playing devil’s advocate. just like the kmt aren’t REALLY saying they think chen’s scar was made by doctors…they’re just raising legitimate questions. :unamused:

so juba, do you believe that any of the planes(2 in nyc and 1 in dc) were small planes loaded with explosives by the cia to frame osama? i mean osama has taken credit for the attacks quite a few times since that thread…

later i’ll dig up the thread where juba defends the tiananmen crackdown as a legitimate excercise in public safety to put down unruly rioters. :slight_smile:

To be fair, ths quote could be taken totally out of context. I’m sure you can also isolate one sentence that I or you or anyone has written and it would sound ludicrous.

Based on that one sentence I have no idea Chomsky was trying to say – do you have the entire paragraph?

No! Say it isn’t so!

(Anyone want to buy a map with the location of the buried Japanese gold in the Philippines?)

I think if you have another look at the Guardian piece, you’ll find it was written by Chris Morris. Famous for making riduculous statements as satire that is blatant to all but the least critical. Here’S some others…
‘We’re all dead Americans now’
T. Blair
‘Easy, Saladin’
The Pope

First reaction of many British people who subsequently claimed to be appalled

‘I have seen nothing to convince me that all these attacks were not the work of one lone American madman’
John Pilger

‘This wouldn’t have happened if I’d still been on BBC1’
Noel Edmonds

‘Operation Infinite Enemy is not a war against Islam, it’s a war against Muslims’
George Bush

‘If you run the twin towers footage backwards, the towers stand up again - we need to ask why has the footage only ever been run forwards?’
Noam Chomsky

‘We are privileged to live in a time when even the world’s most TV-hating nation can make brilliant TV’
Peter Bazalgette

‘Hello Yasser’
Jack Straw greets Ariel Sharon

If anyone suggested that to me, you better believe they are getting a fist to the mouth. That’s just plain horses**t. :fume:

Lane119 says his sister saw an airliner hit the first tower. Her testimony is far more significant than any opinion I might have or have had on the subject. Actually the only opinion I have ever had is that the second tower to be hit was hit by an airliner - that being common knowledge.

talk about stepping out on a limb :slight_smile: be careful with those opinions, they may come back to haunt you Juba :slight_smile: I think it would be safe to call the second strike objective fact :slight_smile: Now I was always of the opinion that if the second tower had an airplane smash into it, and another airplane on its way to the same area was unaccounted for around the same time that a large flaming hole was smashed into the first building, probably the airliner didn’t vanish into thin air, and maybe it wasn’t a kamikaze CIA pigeon that hit the building. but what do i know :slight_smile:

Here’s a tragic conspiracy theory:

A senior United Nations official has condemned Nigerian states that have refused to take part in a mass immunisation drive against polio. “It is unforgivable to allow still more children to be paralysed because of… baseless rumours,” said UN Children’s Fund head Carol Bellamy.

Some Muslim clerics say the vaccine is a western plot to make women infertile. The governor of one of the boycotting states has said the spread of the disease was “a lesser evil”.

“It is a lesser of two evils to sacrifice two, three, four, five, even 10 children (to polio) than allow hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of girl-children likely to be rendered infertile,” Kano state Governor Ibrahim Shekarau told the AP news agency. . . ."