Contractor Give-Away in Iraq; our tax $ at work - video

Republicans are fiscally conservative? My ass. (Sorry, Fred, I made another slanderous generalization! I can’t seem to stop myself!)

Progressive film director Robert Greenwald was scheduled to testify at a hearing on Thursday, May 10 about war profiteering. He requested to show a few minutes of one of his films - Iraq for Sale - but Republicans blocked his request. Below is what Congress didn’t see…

Iraq For Sale

There’s an official website of the film HERE, but the video loads easier at the above link.

“Republicans emphasize the role of corporate and personal decision making in fostering economic prosperity.”

In this case, I believe that Republicans would claim that the money burned by Haliburton and other contractors fosters economic prosperity. Republicans believe that private spending is more efficient than government spending. However, how can you have private spending of government money. This is a case where the private companies are actually doing “government spending”. Who can make me believe that private companies could possibly spend the government’s money more wisely than a well-regulated military could do on it’s own.

When film director Robert Greenwald testified at Congress, he was attacked by Republican. You can wait for the video to play here:

He puts forth a good question:

“Do you think there should be a profit motive in war?”