Converting AVI to MPEG or VCD for burning?

If you burn a VCD from an AVI using Nero the burn file will not play well in a DVD player, screen rolling. there are no free converters out there that i can find, any ideas?

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Screen rolling sounds like you have it set to PAL. Make sure you are encoding a NTSC format file.

just a straight burn, i know it sounds like a ntsc/pal problem but dvd player can play both. problem is won’t play avi’s when burned…

i think :s

I’m sure your DVD player can play both, but your TV can’t. And the PAL signal that the DVD player is producing is making your TV go all rolly. That’s my guess.
You’re right, It can’t play AVI files, they need to be converted to DVD format (.vob), I think Nero can do that. But make sure it is converting in NTSC mode.

how do you do that using nero???


[quote=“jeffoasis”]how do you do that using nero???

:notworthy:[/quote]Ermm… I only got it 2 days ago and I haven’t got that far yet :blush: But I’m sure it does (I hope), I’ll have a look when I get home.

Oh wait, you’re trying to make a VCD ? For that you want tmpgenc to convert your AVI to a VCD-compatible .mpg … ag=lst-0-1
Then burn that onto a CD as a VCD has free tools and guides.

Nero has a tool that does it too, I think its called NeroVision,
might be part of Nero Ultra Edition.

found tmpgenc the other day and it confused me then!

also had a look at the other site and most of the links go on about free converters but when you get them they only convert 5% or complete them and put a great big advert across the middle. i’ll be damned if i’m going to pay 30 US dollars just to convert a couple of AVI’s, the boy will just have to watch them on the computer. Have also tried downloading cracks and hacks…all fruitless. all thoughts and tips appreciated.

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There are many programs that can convert your AVI file into a file which you can burn on VCD or DVD. Try to read some of the “How to…” on site where you can also download most of the tools.

Excellent tool are TMPGENC (not for free if you want to convert to DVD) and Avi2Dvd (freeware, both for VCD and DVD).