Convicted of theft for picking up abandoned OBike

This works

I’m sure that, way back when Ubikes were first being set up, there was some kind of decision process undergone to establish that they would, in fact, fall under the aegis of the existing laws.

Hmm, yeah makes sense that it’s just something they’ve been paying attention to since it started.

BTW, I think it’s well cool that you have young Greta as your avvo, I just wish it didn’t look so much like Conan O’Brian.

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Is that who that is? I just liked the shot of NY harbor


I have seen many abandoned bikes, scooters and even cars in Taiwan. The authorities seem not to care much until someone complains extensively.

There are probably laws against abandoning your crap on public roads. Enforcement is like always lacking. But they care enough to persecute TL driving an abandoned obike. Pathetic.


So I’m not trying to discuss how Taiwan enforces laws, but I just need assistance on how or what I can do about this. Like how do I go to the prosecutor’s office and ask about doing community service instead of paying the huge fine. I don’t mind doing community service, but I don’t want to go to jail.

Honestly I rather go borrow the money from a freaking loanshark than go to jail.

Or where can I find some financial assistance in paying the fine should community service not be an option?

Go try and drive one away, see what happens.

They were abandoned for years. Rusting away, deflated tires, in no condition to drive even if you tried.

And the point is?

You two please note this is the Legal forum. Try to keep it to legal matters. Thanking you in advance

This scrap should not be on a public road. Clean it up, find the owners and fine them. Should not be hard for a car.

Is it legal to park a car without an active registration on a public road in Taiwan? It is not in many other countries.

Pisses me off that some use the streets as their personal dump. I’ve been to a beach in south Taiwan and 5% of the parking spots were occupied by abandoned cars. On a busy day you won’t find a spot.


that is completely bonkers. if i known that stealing a bike would get you 6 months in jail i would have gone to the cops after my bike was stolen back in may. my bike, which i actually owned. unlike those ownerless bankrupt scrap Obikes.

i actually took to forumosa to see if it was worth going to the police. and what i gathered was that would be a huge waste of time because the police don’t give a crap about something so small as stolen bikes. well i never knew that something so small carried a 6 month sentence.

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Location only works when connected to someone’s phone.

I need a new avatar.

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Sure…that’s what they want you to believe…

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So this must be the standard sentence for anyone that breaks a lock and takes a bike. Even kids? and who pays? their parents?


No consistency. Thousands of these heaps of crap clogging up the small community roads illegally dumped all over the place…but this poor foreigner gets slapped with 180k for using a dumped bicycle

Ah, perhaps that’s the answer. He’s a foreigner. We all know that foreigners can’t be trusted because they’ll take advantage of Taiwanese hospitality, steal, lie, and cheat anytime they can. Thank the gods for the attentive police force that is out to protect society and show everyone how to be good and honest citizens.

I guess because he is a foreigner!

@Taiwan_Luthiers, perhaps try to get attention of the media, this is an embarrassment for their legal system, also perhaps try to make petition it on
Hope everything will go well for you.

It’s just an easy arrest to make, isn’t it? Anyone riding one must be riding stolen property.

Bit like walking into a police station smoking a blunt.