Cool Cell Phone Trick

This might or might not work for you…

Turn on your computer speakers.
Don’t play any music or anything.
Send yourself a text message.
Put your phone in front of one of your speakers.

post results! :wink:

I got static and a 5NT surcharge.

Did it work?


My speaker makes the noise before my phone does. Pretty cool. Same for calls or messages!

You have far too much spare time on your hands

I get a dit-dit dit-dit dit sound on the headphones.

I have a plastic cell phone stand that starts blinking lights all over if a call comes in. I don’t know how it works but it’s pretty cool.

I got the dit-dit-dit sound too.

Was that the cool part? Geez.

There are people who still haven’t noticed this? Shit, I get that from my roommate’s phone in the other room…

Tough crowed. :loco: :raspberry:

I get the dit-dit-dit when I’m talkin on my land line and my cell rings or receives a message.

I want my refund, Steeevieboy!

I just figured anyone who’s ever owned or been within like 50 meters of a cellphone in like the last decade is likely to have noticed this. Shit, we had people in my dorm like 5 years ago yelling down the hall telling people to answer their damn phones since they’d heard the annoying bastard ditting.

They do the same to radio reception in a car. The bad thing is, it’s not limited to only the cell phones in the car, but any cell phone within a certain proximity. So, if you are stuck in traffic and listen to the radio, you’re pretty sure to have constant interference from phones receiving calls in the cars around you. :unamused:

My washing machine beeps 8 times when its finished a load.
I just emit a sigh of relief. :slight_smile:

sometimes I like the sound of a huge fart.

That gives a huge sigh of relief too.

[quote=“truant”]sometimes I like the sound of a huge fart.


That would make a good ringing signal.

good point. Great on the bus.

I want my five minutes back.

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