Cool HTML5 Demo Page

From Web2.0 Expo HTML5 Session

Read disclaimer. View in Chrome.

Apart from video/audio tags already deployed on a lot of major webpages for iPad compat, some stuff that shows a real start at challenging/replacing Flash:

Slide 23,24: iPhone/iPad style canvas and photo manipulator with scaling, rotation, translation
Slide 40: Easing and transitions
Slide 41: Transforms on elements and page. Rotating and zooming, translation

The file-system stuff and drag-drop is also cool as shit. The fact the whole page/preso is single load is also cool as shit from standpoint of webapp potential.

Have you tried this page on your iPad? Mine shuts down the browser when I try to view it! (which kind of defeats the purpose…)

yah it crashes safari versions of webkit right now and doesn’t work on ie yet. there were some rumblings about this at the session and some discussion that you can see in the #w2e tweet stream, which is why they made the disclaimer.

so for now, chrome only. but the demo is the proposed standards.

some of stuff not ready for prime time yet, but it’s coming. and probably very soon.

Am I the only one who found this ironic, given Apple and Microsoft’s recent full-throated endorsements of HTML5? :ponder:

this particular demo is probably pushing the envelope a bit. they are doing a lot of fix-on-fail.

but seriously let’s not turn this into another debate on microsoft/apple/goog. btw, this demo was presented by hp and goog peeps. just take a looksie at it with chrome for now and know this is coming for all.

I just quoted you pointing out that it doesn’t work in Safari and IE. If you want to debate yourself, i’ll pull up a chair and grab some snacks. :popcorn:

By the way, I viewed it in Firefox 3.6.3 for Windows, not Chrome. A few of the demos might not have worked 100% correctly (hard to tell if draft html elements are being rendered properly or not), but for the most part it worked and it certainly did not crash. I’m looking forward to the progress Mozilla is making on Firefox Fennec for Android.

p.s. IE may be getting better, but having lived through the nineties, I can pretty much tell you that even if IE becomes the crowning pinnacle of web standards compliance (unlikely), goes open source (even more unlikely), and becomes a lean mean crash and exploit free browser (pretty much impossible), anyone who has ever worked on IE and probably that entire part of Redmond is damned to the lowest level of hell to burn in eternal fire.