Cool things to do or interesting places to see in Taiwan

Hey everyone!!!

This is my first post in Forumosa!!! How exciting :slight_smile: !

Well, getting to the main point, I have been living in Taiwan for awhile now and I have been to most of the must-sees and/or tourist attractions. Actually, I have been to most of them maybe three or four times now. So, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some cool things to do or interesting places to see in Taiwan.

My husband and I enjoy hiking, tai chi, hanging out, exploring nature, partying occasionally, and just about everything. We love going to the mountains!!! And we have a car which is an added bonus!! Oh yeah, we are located around Taichung.

So, let me know! I am waiting for your suggestions!

welcome to forumosa. a great site :slight_smile:

that said, I think a lot of the answers to your questions already can be found in various other threads?

Can you tell us if you just plan to go somewhere around Taichung?