Copa America 2019 soccer, food, fun

Everything from baleadas to poutine. Male and female soccer teams. Come cheer and have fun. A few minute walk from Fu Jen MRT, exit 1.


What are the games like? 7v7? Are they youth teams? Do they play full field? Do you get one ticket for the day, or does each match need a separate one? My son is soccer crazy, so we might want to head there tomorrow.

Let’s see, young people, yeah, college level up.

Ticket? Only cost will be what you eat. And drink - we have rum.

“Soccer”? Isn’t it “football” in almost all of the world, apart from Australia and North America?


Well apart from all the World in Taiwan they teach American English, in the rest of the world, they teach British English. So maybe that

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Um, but isn’t it “Copa America”?

Fútbol mijo entonces, chocho pueh.

Well, the real Copa America is for South America teams only. The reason is that the teaching system is different and they mostly teach America as a whole continent(South and North)

I’ve been in the past. It’s fun.

China leans heavily towards American English in practice…at least it did 15 years ago, as do a lot of others in Asia. It is probably more influential now globally as well.

In Spanish “America” is often the continent of North and South America (taught as one continent). In English, of course, it would be the Americas.

I’m in. I’ll be bringing my little one tomorrow.

That looks fun. My son would like too. I will only go if there is food though.

Hold up…may be getting a puppy tonight. If so we’re out.

Actually Copa America it means Cup of The Americas. The Americas is a continent, so it’s like The Champions league in Europe.


Your point being?

Welcome Carmen!!!

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It’s also soccer or “Calcio” in Italy.

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yes, you looked lost. The Americas is a continent, if you refer to USA is just America. Copa is Spanish meaning Cup (Eng), there’s no Copa word in English, right?.