Copy/import of Outlook files

I have a notebook computer with Windows XP Home edition and Small Company Office XP (worked more or less fine for me after getting used to it). I also have a desktop computer with Windows 2K Professional and Office XP Professional. All software is Chinese.

Until two weeks ago, I almost exclusively used my notebook computer for everything including scheduling in Outlook. I only use Outlook for my scheduling: appointments, birthdays, task lists etc., no emailing. Is there any way to copy or import the Outlook files from my notebook to the desktop computer? I couldn’t even find the right files on my notebook. We tried to figure out by checking the German helpfiles on my dads notebook computer (WIN 2K), without success. Does anybody have experience with that?


Hi Iris,

If I understand you correctly, you want to export anything from Outlook into a file that can be hand-carried to another computer and then imported into Outlook again. I’ve done this many times, but remember, I’m only using Windows 2000. I don’t know what’s up with Windows XP, but I assume it is the same. In outlook do the following:

File > Import and Export
you will see the Import and Export Wizard

Select “Export to a file” Click Next.

Select “Personal Folder File (.pst)” Click Next.

Select the folder that you want to export, maing sure to click the checkbox for “Include subfolders” if you want to get everything below that folder. If you want to take everything from your Outlook setup, then click on the higest “Personal Folders.” Click Next.

Browse for a place to put the .pst file.

Don’t worry too much about the radio buttons.

Click Finish and you are done.

Use the Import and Export slection again on the other computer to impor the .pst file.


Thanks for your help. It took me a while to manage (somehow, I kept getting Chinese messages about not having access to the file). And I have all my calendar data three times now. But at least, it’s there.

Thanks again

You don’t even have to export it. Just run a search for your PST file. Contacts and all email are included within it.