Copyright and (fair?) use of sport photos

When it comes to printing and selling photos of a specific sport team or player in Taiwan, is there some law concerning the copyright of the images that requires a written consent by the team/player (or monetary agreement) in order to proceed selling prints?

My photos are usually requested by the teams or the volleyball organization itself so i’m not worried about copyright issues in those situations, but I’ve recently had some people asking me for large prints of sport photos and I don’t know if someone could have legal basis to get butthurt about the amount of shekels in my bank account increasing as a result of their photos being sold as posters.

Isn’t that how paparazzi make their money?

What do they do with the large prints? You could make it clear to them that the images are for what is called “editorial” use only. That means non-commercial/personal use only, no advertising, no promotional use. etc.

Personal use, I’ve had requests for specific players or teams because some fans want a large print (A3 or larger) to get signed and hang at home. It would not be for commercial use.

That should be ok.

But I’d get paid for it, so I’d sell my photos without any written consent by teams or players. Is that allowed in Taiwan?
In my contract I don’t have any restrictions regarding the use of photos, only thing I’m not allowed to do is video because Fox Sports has the exclusive.

Not sure, maybe this link will help.

You have a contract with the team?

Not with each team, with the volleyball league itself.

Then presumably the League has a contract with each team, and each team has a contract with each player, so in theory you should be safe.

Then again, I seem to recall a proverb… how does it go? Something about 差 and 多… :tumble: