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Must be more lucrative than sperm donation.


A 25% increase in cases from two weeks ago and concern for the capacity in the healthcare system and for the healthcare workers that continue to be stretched.

Reports of new cases are trending upward in 41 states over the last two weeks, while nine states are holding case numbers roughly steady. No state in the country is seeing a sustained decline.

Many of the 17 states seeing more new cases than ever — located mostly in the Midwest or in the Mountain West — had relatively few cases until recently. But cases are now steadily climbing. Intensive care unit beds in hospitals are few and far between in some rural communities, experts said, raising concerns about crowded facilities.

I’ve been doubling up and donating both at the same time.

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I just saw this and found it quite shocking, even for the U.S.:

Is there a word for whatever the opposite of “quarantine” is? :thinking:

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J-U-D-G-E-S (conservative, young, and—these guys hope—on the Supreme Court for the next thirty years or more).


Too much quarantine time

I still think Musk is right, but I can’t bring myself to say screw it and pretend Covid-19 doesn’t exist.

Follow the money.

The headline says it all

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for quarantine

Pick one.

In the latest savagely satirical episode of Puppet Regime, coronavirus steps up and announces who it’s endorsing for US President:



No one asks why the US handled the coronavirus so badly anymore, the answer is obvious.

President Donald Trump continues to eschew basic public health facts, instead choosing to push a false narrative that the US is at long last “coming around the corner” when it comes to the coronavirus.

That particular line, that the US is rounding the metaphorical pandemic corner, is one Trump falls back on with some regularity — as of Friday, 28 times in the last 46 days, according to Forbes’s Andrew Solender — but it’s just not true.

In reality, the US reported its third-highest single-day case count ever on Friday — 70,451 new cases, according to the New York Times. And many states, including both Dakotas, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, to name just a few, are reporting all-time high daily case numbers.


I hope those attending the rallies have voted because in two weeks time it might not be possible for them to do so.

Blame the doctors and scientists!

A virus outbreak that demands a sophisticated response meets the dysfunctional and incompetent Trump administration.

The US remains the top power in the Indo-Pacific, but has suffered the biggest relative fall in its standing in the region over the past year, partly because of the loss of prestige over the mishandling of COVID-19, the Lowy Institute’s Asia Power Index shows.

“America has suffered the largest reputational hit in the region for its domestic and international handling of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the report said. “The result is a powerful reminder that legitimacy and leadership on the world stage start with the capacity of leaders to govern well at home.”


Inevitably, health experts’ predictions are proving correct.

As many as 30 states and territories have seen Covid-19 cases increase more than 25 percent in the last two weeks, according to an NBC News count of coronavirus cases in the country. But only 21 states saw increases in testing at or above that level during the same period.

While critics of wide scale testing, including President Donald Trump have asserted that surges in cases can be explained by increased testing, health experts say that a jump in confirmed cases is usually caused by more people getting sick.

And those experts, who have long urged that testing is a critical tool in the fight against the pandemic, say that the lack of aggressive and consistent testing has contributed to the virus’s spread.


Laura Ingraham of Fox News posts tweet showing empty airport, blames liberal governors for destroying jobs.
Only problem- it’s the international terminal, specifically the check-in counter of Lufthansa. Both the EU and the US bar their citizens from travel to the other.
Apparently Ingraham thinks that Governors like Cuomo, Newsom, and Whitmer set the international policies of the US and EU. Don’t blame her for being so ignorant- she probably watches Fox.