Coronavirus - America

27 March 2020, 85,749 cases, 1,304 DEATHS.

The US government, that works for the people of America, could have slowed this.

I could have slowed this impact on America but I expected the government to do so.

Why? Because I was in Taiwan and Asia for the last six months watching everything unfold and countries recovering and responding. I expected the American government would obviously manage it well.

Government shit show (let by Trump), late to the epidemic, still ignoring medical expert opinions and advice, fighting with those that need help like New York.


And problem is Trump is just going to blame China for everything, and the whole country will agree with him, or at least a majority will. Then Trump will say they should attack China in a preemptive strike…

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Live news now.

The New York Governor asks for 30-40 thousand respirators, but the Federal Government says “we don’t think you need that many” instead of saying “OK, we will help you get more than you need” to be sure.


This is one problem with America, too much reliance on the Federal government since they essentially took over everything. Especially things that are not mentioned in the Constitution but are Federal. The Constitution says anything not in the Constitution is a state matter.

America is not the only Federal republic in the world, and other Federal republics (like Germany) respects state right far more.


This must be new as a day or two ago Cuomo said they had enough. Can you provide a link to the primary sources?

I don’t know he’s just on TV saying it now but he’s been saying it for a week or so.

This is from the New York Daily News:

Shant Shahrigian and Dave Goldiner, “NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo angrily demands help as coronavirus ‘spiking’ to 25,000 cases — infections doubling every 3 days,” March 24, 2020

I think the N95 masks are also referred to as respirators. I guess they still have a shortage of ventilators?

Yes it’s a shortages of ventilators and PPEs. The GOP line is “compelling manufacturers to produce ventilators is socialist and will make the US into Venezuela”. No acknowledgement of the fact that these ain’t ordinary times and “being socialist” for a few months because we thought it was good to export manufacturing. (remember, pre Trump, focusing on “made in the USA” was a very left wing thing to do. I know because my right-wing friends always mocked me for being a sustainability nut and would ask if I needed to go home and have a ritual cleansing if I got dragged into Walmart with them.) Even though this is what we need to save thousands of lives. But no, Venezuela has state-owned businesses, therefore the US can’t, regardless of the US’s past behavior in WWII and the Cold War.

Mind you, one ventilator costs USD20-40,000, so you’re looking at the Fed footing the bill for a few thousand decently nice cars for hospitals (in costs) and then not using them again for unknown amount of time after this pandemic ends. Man, I guess the value of one life is under 20,000USD in their eyes.

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Welcome to the United States very own enactment of the Cultural Revolution, with your hosts MAGA.

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I think mr Trump is very nice man. You shouldn’t blame him. It’s China’s fault and it’s Obama’s fault and it’s the media’s fault. It’s not his fault. His response has been very good all along. He just wasn’t given the information in time. But it’ll be ok. The virus will just magically go away. This is a great country with great people.


One month ago . . . on 2/25

Larry Kudlow says US has contained the coronavirus and the economy is holding up nicely|main

““We have contained this. I won’t say [it’s] airtight, but it’s pretty close to airtight,” said Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council.”


That Trump acted swiftly and decisively is the narrative being put forward. And it’s one that is being accepted by half of the US population. I mean we can all easily see through the lies coming out of China of Xi’s great leadership, how the coronavirus origanted elsewhere, etc., but many refuse to see through Trump’s lies. They simply refuse. And it’s painful to witness.

“When the lies were no longer tenable, President Trump pivoted. Two days after claiming that the disease was under control, Trump declared himself a “wartime president” and offered that “I’ve always known this is a real — this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” Trump began to appear daily at press conferences with public-health authorities — a setting he controls, in which every participant must begin with fulsome praise of himself. He pivoted on China too, dropping the unctuous praise in favor of provocative blame.”

Wait, does CCP stand for “conservative communist party”? I can’t see the difference between the GOP gaslighting and China’s


I also can’t see the difference between their massive trillion dollar wealth redistribution project that is playing out like a great experiment across the US. Remember all those subsidies to pay for the trade war w China cost 3 billion.

But they won’t pay for ventilators for masks for NYC hospitals.

The US economy is in shambles, badly mismanaged. Record numbers of Americans on the welfare rolls. And once again the GOP will kill everyone in the country before doing the right thing once as long as they get their tax breaks.


Look who’s calling it coronavirus now!

Must’ve gotten a stern talking to.


Why does this numbskull capitalize “virus” as if it’s a proper noun?


America, Big , Bigly. China Virus. Small. Teeny, Weeny . Bad . Very Bad.
Those guys. Bad. You Bad. Bad bad man.
Media . Bad.
Me. Great. The Greatest.
Never been Greater.
God Bless America.