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as said by Mr Pikachu (i.e. Chief Executive Lee), HK is returning to normalcy as of 1-mar.

Basically no more pandemic measures at all now, everything has been scrapped.

Very party style, complete reversal of policies announced just a few days ago (mask mandate was extended until mid-march in last week’s press conference). It is really China, also the amount of propaganda in MTR stations, on trams, TV and radio is appalling…


That one was a pretty interesting read.

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When pressed, he’s made a few comments that give away his motive, along the lines that he simply gets more hits the more outrageously inaccurate and misrepresentative his tweets actually are. So that’s his Modus operandi. He noticed this very early on, so just kept on doing it. If ChatGPT were to write his tweets, they should read something like, “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! NUCLEAR level deaths coming this winter!!! This will be the Black Plague 2.0!!! Covid. WILL. KILL. EVERYONEEEEE!!!”

It’s a continuous steaming river of diarrhea.

His statistical “errors” (read, lies) likely amount to public health malpractice. Apparently he can’t even do basic math. This guy sums him up:

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In retrospect, I wonder how many narrative-supporting articles and tweets were AI-generated, and how many supporters were even real people.

That particular handicap has led a lot of people to make facepalm-worthy claims/assumptions.

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We’re never going to get clear data from the CCP, so we have no idea.

So is it over or is it not :rofl:

In China, the truth is whatever the CCP says it is, I imagine. Outside China, the truth is whatever Reuters says it is.

Anybody here speak/read Hebrew? Is this claim accurate? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be since it’s in line with international consensus, but I’m curious what the letter says.

Breaking: Following court order, today Israel Ministry of Health released data regarding Covid mortalities.

Total Covid deaths in the age group under 50 with no comorbidities: Zero.


This doesn’t really mean much, though of course you find it intolerable.

“Doesn’t mean much”? Srsly?

If it’s true it would corroborate a lot of similar results from other countries. The weight of evidence so far is there there was no “pandemic” in the usual meaning of the word. And yes, with all that that implies, I do find it intolerable. What I find quite bemusing is that you - in common with a minority of enthusiasts - were quite happy to tolerate the shitshow that was visited upon us on the basis of an outrageous lie, and presumably would go along with it all over again.


Google Lens can translate the text easy enough. Translation appears accurate, as I see it being retweeted by other native Hebrew speakers. It’s an FOI request to the Israel Ministry of Health.

Make no mistake, if valid, this is a huge admission.

Yes, of course it is hugely significant. To say otherwise is ridiculous. It literally means there was no pandemic in Israel. Israel was the “world leader” in mass medical experimentation madness, inflicted on their own population, a program which was an absolute disaster (apart from successfully stuffing the pockets of pharma execs).

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And Israel is also amongst the least affected countries by the pandemic. The economy did very well during covid. Now Israel’s GDP per capita is well above the likes of the UK, France and Germany. So @finley’s hypothesis of rummaging in the trash does not apply in this case.

This statement certainly heavily depends on how you define “affected.” Israel was probably the most negatively affected country in the world due to their unrestricted and unhinged repeater clotshot program.

The evidence is pointing more and more that the “pandemic” was nothing of the sort, at least in Israel. Instead, evidence is pointing to the authorities inventing an imaginary threat to make profit.

The latest “covid surge” in China has, coincidentally, also made some share prices surge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Shenzhen-listed Hybio Pharmaceutical surged by the 20 per cent daily limit to 12.88 yuan, its best showing since April last year, while peers Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical and Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical gained by the maximum 10 per cent limit permitted in Shanghai. In Hong Kong, Hansoh Pharmaceutical jumped 4.7 per cent to HK$13.76, while Wuxi Biologics rose 0.7 per cent to HK$44.85.”

Ka-ching! :moneybag:

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That’s the anti-vaxx/covid nonbelievers’ interpretation. Covid affected old people the most. We are all aware of that since day 1.

Incorrect. It’s neither of those things. It’s the science and evidenced-based approach, supported most recently by the Israel Ministry of Health FOI report.

Irrelevant to the discussion. Also an overly simplistic, incomplete understanding and characterisation.

Here are the charts for Israel (from that well-known conspiracy group, The Lancet):

certainly a “nonbeliever” would be hard-pressed to conclude from that that Israel’s grand medical experiment was a resounding success.

I think it’s telling that you invoke “ye of little faith” as your sole argument here, presumably because not a single logical argument exists. If you at least concede that “the pandemic” was confined to the old and sick - and I mean here the intersection of those sets, not the union - then why the actual fck were the rest of us dragged into it by government edict?

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Why are you guys arguing about Israel’s pandemic response in the China thread? They are really polar opposites as the former went all-in with BNT and the latter went all-in with vaccine nationalism.

But I don’t think that’s what you are talking about. :rofl:


It was moved here (from the Open thread, IIRC). I don’t know why.