Coronavirus crisis open thread - March

While we’re on the topic.

It’s a completely different situation. No administration will look good if they let major airlines collapse from this. It could entirely be possible they could subsidize mergers that allow smaller airlines to be absorb into larger ones.

TWA was acquired by American Airlines.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I wouldn’t mind if China airlines gets acquired and change their name though.

I think airlines are important for any country to flex their economy prowess. It would look terrible for them to go out of business unless they’ve repeatedly failed and it looks like a loss case. Italy managed to to do this…as the most traveled country as well. Both their airlines are done before this.

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alitalia sooner or later will be bought by a bigger player, regardless of the coronavirus. it will just speed things up. either by delta, lufthansa or an arabian airline.

edit: i give the chinese airlines some credit, so they can bring even more hordes of tourists to the rialto brigde, the colisseum…

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Various news reports are suggesting that the Russians are none too happy about the risk of catching bugs from Chinese there, rounding them up and chucking them into Gulags for Quarantine.

China has of course protested - as they have with any country that is denying their Citizens entry.

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The US used to have tons of airlines, but they all got bought up by bigger ones around the time of the financial crisis. I will never forget Midwest Express/Airlines…full business class cabin for coach prices and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on board. Never appreciate giant leather seats and copious amounts of leg room when you’re a kid though, do you?
Airlines these days are all connected by the “Star Alliance”. I wonder what that will do to save them? Anything?

Well, no they are not—that’s just one of the large groupings of airlines along with One World and Sky Team. And no it will not.

Airlines in general though—and especially Asian airlines—are taking a massive hit. It’s not a good scene…


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Shows how much I know of the inner workings of airlines…

My guess is in the long run flight costs are gonna skyrocket

You think so? They’ve been trying and every deal has fallen apart.

oh well, then bye bye alitalia. but really, i do think, alitalia is too small and too deficit to operate on its own. the italian government demands up to now have just been too much for every other buyer to be interesting. and the italian government is not that rich to just subsidize a bankrupt airline forever. it will either go bankrupt because of pride or they will sell it, like many other airlines have been sold.

I doubt the name helps much “Shark Fin” Just sayin :thinking:


Interesting statistics about the virus and fatalities.


I don’t get it. Which is it?
Trump just gave a press release about the death in Washington state. He said it was a woman in her 50s. But other news outlets are reporting it was a man.

You need to catch up. There is no such thing a “male” or “female,” you know. The chart above is obviously a product of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

Seriously, though, how recent is the data?

Washington State authorities incorrectly reported to the federal government that it was a woman. They screwed up. It was a man in his 50s.


As of yesterday, according to the BBC who got the data from the Chinese CDC.

Thank you for clarifying that.

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I guess it’s more common for men to have cardiovascular issues and high BP so they die more.

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It happens. It’s also a very minor example of how things can go turnip in the interface between state and Fed governments, and why placing a former governor in charge of the covid19 task force may be a very wise decision. It’s simply not easy to bolt on state systems to any Fed system.

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