Coronavirus Crisis Open Thread May-September

Coming in with those vests implies you are militia. Camo and black emphasizes the military, “we’re here to hurt you” feel.

Covering your entire face with a Buff and a baseball hat and not just your mouth and nose certainly is shifty and suggests you don’t want to be identified. You’re so confident about your cause in a free country, why are you hiding your identity? You have the right to protest, don’t you?

Covering everything from your ears down and shaving to a mohawk is just weird. Reminds me of my uni’s Frisbee team when they went on spring break (every guy made a great attempt at looking like a pervert from the 70’s, many of them shaved half of their creeper mustaches, etc.)

The US flag of the guy on the left makes a tad more sense than a confederate flag, as it was a US flag once, but it ain’t 1776, and I’m not entirely sure the message he’s trying to send. Guns aren’t exactly a sign of peace. I think I see a “don’t tread on me” patch. That’s pretty clearly anti-government, though I don’t think it implies terrorism necessarily.

A drum circle would annoy me, but this would scare me sh**less. There’s a very different message being sent than most “peaceful” protests I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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Yeh, Snag with that well done evil dictatorship propaganda is that it isn’t necessarily any less true or more self serving than the Idiocracy propaganda, though that would probably be the way to bet.

Bit late to be asking, but what low-bias / high credibility documented who-said-what-when analyses have been published?

I must admit I havn’t traced the China Lied consensus timeline to its sources.

Can’t fault your radical right fashion analysis, but…no mention of the guns? Even in America artillery must project a certain,um, forcefulness, surely? The Colostomy Commando appears to have an automatic pistol on his chest, and there’s almost certainly more hardware hanging about.

Interesting to see that the WHO advises infants ages 0-4, to masturbate.

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I have the hug one, but it makes me think Zuckerberg is trying to squeeze every last drop of blood from me.

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So, in other words, sour grapes basically. :joy:

The WHO has lost its credibility and dignity.

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They advise it for all ages it seems lol. Can a 1 year old even do that?

Burger King is giving away mask covers.


Pretty much mirrors my views. I don’t like the comparison between death rates in the UK with Sweden - that’s a bit naughty and is a pointless comparison. Sweden’s death rate per million is higher than Norway and Finland’s now as it was always going to be. Of course fewer people die if nobody is allowed to leave their home.

Protect the vulnerable without the economic horror of lockdown. So bloody obvious.

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“Sour grapes” redirects here. The story concerns a fox that tries to eat grapes from a vine but cannot reach them. Rather than admit defeat, he states they are undesirable."

So in other words, no, basically. :roll_eyes:

A Scot who learned his English from Aesop’s Fables…it all makes sense now. :sunglasses:

It looks like it hugs you by slowly squeezing the life out of you.


Why did Aesop use foxes? They’re not going to try to eat grapes.

I now have the hug of Doom emoji! But the purple heart is still missing.

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It’s a fable, man, you’re not supposed to take it literally.

It’s bollocks.

Actually, it seems you can take it literally. :grin:

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