Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Despite recent stricter measures across UK, they have reported their highest daily increase in cases, and most are in the south-east which is the region most associated with the recent UK version of the virus:

Here is some ‘science’ that won’t be promoted by a government nor media:. There is more data in the thread.

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Here is some more science from the UK you won’t see on the TV news:

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Funny how you keep posting your twitter feeds, ignoring science and, most of all, statistical significance.
83,587,002 infected
1,821,156 deaths
59,154,777 recovered

Covid-vaccination first of all given mostly to old people.
Given in the US 2.1 million
One person died a day after.

There have been studies that suggest that about 15% of reported covid death died rather with covid than because of it.

One more word, I am not trying to convince you of anything. I have given up on you. I even question your real intention what you are doing here.
However, I feel the need to hold against your misinformation campaign.


Not my twitter feeds as I don’t have Twitter.
They don’t all ‘ignore science’. Plus if you want everything to be ‘science’ that you support, then why should anyone make any comment or opinion here unless backed by ‘science’ or some science?
Of the figures you produced are those people who were infected say 27 days before, then died of a heart attack and are classed as a covid death? 15% in one study. I see.
Are all those numbers from the PCR test too?
I don’t question your intention, or anyone else’s. If someone thinks outside your reality tunnel, why does it bother you?
I noticed you made no comments on the ‘science’ links with ‘statistical significance’ posted above the comment from the councilor who posted the ironic tweet (which seemed lost on you).
Regarding misinformation, I think as do millions of others from doctors, scientists, ex pharma execs, etc, think that the authorities and media are running a ‘misinformation campaign’.


That s a lot of Twitter you copy and paste for not having a Twitter account.

When I take something non scientifically or express my opinion, I make it clear by saying so. In my opinion, I think, etc.

Those are exactly the complicated cases. The people get infected, have a little cold recover and get worse again. They come down after about 3 weeks. So nothing suspicious here.

A German study suggested that number 15% after cutting and slicing the deceased to make sure.

So you are not living in the same reality as everyone else, or how do I have to understand this?
No it does not bother me. What bothers me, are the people next door right now, as I am typing who seem to live in your reality tunnel throwing a big party against all regulation, and hope I won t call the police. They have parties every week throughout this whole corona year.
They are putting everybody at risk here, and only care about themselves. Your type of argumentation serves them and makes them feel entitled, not even have their guests wear a masks while passing through the stairway.

The Doctors in the ICUs are not engaged in a ‘misinformation campaign’.
If you believe that, you really do not understand how this world works.


There’s a man in Central Park sitting on a bench and screwing up pieces of paper, then tossing them out in front of him, and over his shoulder.

Dude walks up and says, "Whatcha doin’?

Man says, “keeping the elephants away.”

Dude says, "There ain’t no elephants 'roun here.

Man says, “See: it works.”


Everyone’s reality differs. Reality Tunnel - I come from the Robert Anton Wilson definition of it.

Don’t assume that because I question governments, the media, etc., that I am the same as your neighbours. That is an error many make when someone questions the narrative. He thinks Kennedy was not killed by a lone gunman, so he must believe the Nazi’s escaped to the moon.
For the record, I would not hold or attend parties or whatever.
I believe there is something out there, but not this thing that will wipe out half of humanity.

There are doctors that have come out with an alternative view as to what has happened. Those doctors are ignored by the media for the most part.


So a year later you ascribe Taiwan’s success to luck.

Good luck with that :joy:.

Jesus I hate the English ruling classes

Since Taiwan appears to be the only country on the planet that doesn’t have a problem, “Luck” would seem a respectable conclusion. A lot of things are down to luck or happenstance. The modern habit of drawing connections between this and that is down to the same psychological fault that led our ancestors to conclude that bad harvests were caused by witches or a full moon.

So success is luck because it’s unusual?
I might agree with that but we all know that Taiwan acted early and has a fairly rigorous quarantine system, plus excellent medical resources and a habit of wearing masks etc. So I don’t think luck has a whole lot to do with what happened here. There’s only so long you can be lucky.

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I’m just saying that when A follows B, it isn’t necessarily (or entirely) because B happened.

Yes, Taiwan made some intelligent decisions. But so did many other countries. Taiwan just managed to react early when the disease was amenable to intervention, and then made the right interventions. Other circumstances came together (such as the local habit of wearing masks) to make it all work. I’d say that falls under the heading of “luck”. It’s easy to say in hindsight that what they did was obvious, but it wasn’t obvious at all at the time. If it had been, everyone else would have stamped it out in the same manner.


Of course the proponents of lockdowns will say : “well, it’d be 1000x worse if we hadn’t locked down!”.

So what’s next on the list of magic tricks that they’re going to throw at this, I wonder? Are we all going to be zipped up in PPE suits in 2021? Sealed in plastic bubbles? Herded off into mass quarantine facilities?


Interesting factoid: the age-standardized mortality rate in England has fallen by more that half since the 1970s. We’ll need to wait for the 2020 calculation to drop out of the bottom of the ONS, but my guess is that it’ll show a modest blip - perhaps comparable to the 1990s.

Crappy new year, everyone!

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No, I put Taiwan’s success down to rejecting mass testing, and rejecting experimental drug cocktails.

It’s all on the record.


You’re just ‘making shit up’.

Meanwhile the Taiwan govt and people are ‘keeping
shit out’.

For a whole year already.

Look whose waffling…Meanwhile Taiwanese are enjoying a great time out and about, unemployment at 4%, economy fairly humming along, seven covid deaths.

Who was that golfer who said the harder I practice the luckier I get? Was it Arnold Palmer or Gary Player?

Anyway, there will come a point at which the CDC get lucky so many times it’s no longer possibly lucky. It looks like they’ve got lucky with this kiwi/Iranian pilot. They just keep getting so lucky.


The inability to understand any exponential function is astonishing.
Germany for example had the chance to keep things under control, but they rather chose the little treat during summer than preparing for a comfortable winter.
The gamble they played here with the numbers clearly did not pay off. It was a miscalculation and everyone with a little brain could see that.
Tracing the contacts of 50 infected people per 100 000 is a huge number of people you have to interview.
Having 50 infected people in 20 000 000 like in Taiwan, it is more like 10 maximum in Taiwan, you can throw all your resources at it and hunt every contact down. If one slips through and causes another 10 infections, they can keep hunting.
Another very important factor is speaking with one voice and not questioning everything, any time and everywhere.
A few simple rules for the public, agreed on and followed.
If everyone in Germany followed the few rules like, wearing masks, washing and disinfecting hands, checking fever very consequently, we would not need a shutdown.
But it s the same people who argued against wearing masks are arguing against a shutdown. They simply don t want to be inconvenienced by anything, so they try very hard to spread their conspiracy theories.


Sigh. I react to that sort of thing the way I react to dieticians claiming that obesity is all about calories.

I know all about exponentials, thanks very much. Part of my assertion about “luck” hinges upon the fact that Taiwan had very few cases when they introduced contact tracing, thereby keeping the tracing workload to a workable level. A couple of weeks later and it would have all turned to shit.

As I said, it simply wasn’t clear to begin with that CV19 was going to explode in precisely the same way that (say) SARS did not. So a lot of countries dragged their feet.

People are doing all of that stuff, almost everywhere. And yet lockdowns are still wonderfully popular.

Nonsense. People are arguing against lockdowns because they do more harm than good. Nobody (except possibly the Americans) is seriously suggesting that handwashing etc are an intolerable inconvenience.

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