Coronavirus Screening Stations in (Northern) Taiwan

It’s unfortunate that I have to make this thread. Given the recent rise in cases, there will likely be measures taken by the government to make testing more accessible.

Let’s use this thread to collect useful information for where we can get tested (and price, convenience etc). We can also note down our personal testing experience.

Lets limit this to Northern Taiwan for now. We can make different threads for other areas if needed.

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Has anyone gotten tested in Wanhua?


Designated Hospital List for out-of-pocket COVID-19 PCR testing_1100423.pdf

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What’s the out of pocket fee here? Are they expecting people to shell out 7000 again for a test?

Are there any rapid testing sites? If so, where are they?



This is the old PCR testing info for those who were traveling abroad. The situation has changed for the worse since then, and I believe they should have more reasonably priced and accessible testing centers in place now to understand and contain the outbreak.

It is about screening test.

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the post is about screening station.

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the article is about NTC.

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150 tested in wanhua with rapid tests and they couldn’t do any more than that in one day ?
Do better.


Yeah it’s pathetic that they can’t even test 1000 a day in Wanhua yet. CECC was urging only symptomatic people to get tested, so asymptomatic contact of a confirmed cases should be avoiding.

Also, seems risky to even go get tested based on those rapid test center photos


Edit: Posted on wrong Thread

The KMT will gain from this. The DPP were doing so well protecting Taiwan from the China virus and now this ! The vaccine situation is pathetic too.

the post is about screening station

Is this advertising free beer?


About test station in Taichung

Really, I do sincerely appreciate posts of Chinese-language links! They’re a great source of info! But I sort of hope people could at least add a few words in English explaining what the content is. Yes, I can run it through Google Translate, but I’d like to know if I should bother first.

If it’s just me, whatever, don’t worry about it, but I suspect it’s not just me.


If it is something you should bother, someone would translate the Chinese articles or post English articles soon.