Where to get PCR tests in Taiwan (flying to US soon)

Anybody have experience getting PCR tests in Taiwan (specifically Taipei or Taichung)? I’m wondering if there are any places that provide test results electronically so that I don’t have to return to the hospital like right before I head to the airport.

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I, too, would like to know. @goobermensch did you find good airfare btw?

Last I checked, same day test result, you’ll need to go to the hospital to get certified results @ $7k NTD. Time of testing and result varies by hospital.

Would really help if they actually provide a full list of hospital offering testing + pricing.

Furen University Hospital does it. If you want to save a little bit of money you can elect to pick up the test result the next day… you save about 800nt if you do this.

There’s a list of hospitals here: Designated Hospital List for out-of-pocket COVID-19 PCR testing_1100423.pdf

Cheapest I could find was $5000 NTD for next day or next next day. Unfortunately all the test results are in paper form only. Hope it helps.

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So unfortunate. Looting people in the name of testing, which is done at 1/20 the rate in other places.




I got mine at Shuang Ho Hospital – next-day result for 5,800 TWD – no appointments were necessary, just arrive before 10AM on weekdays. I was in and out in 15 minutes. I highly recommend them.

Antigen testing is accepted for flying to the US, and is much cheaper: 2500-2600 TWD. If you have the time, it might be worthwhile to spend half a day and get it at either Tong Yen Hospital in Hsinchu (THSR then shuttle) or Landseed Hospital at the Taoyuan Airport. The results are available after one hour.

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Thank you for this. Do you know by any chance what this antigen testing is called in Chinese? I wonder if this is offered at the hospital around me.

Also, does the hospital provide English translation of the test result w/ the standard pricing or do we need to pay additional to get translated test results? @quandary what country was your destination? Was it USA and was your rest result English translated? Thanks in advance.

It’s called 抗原檢測. As of May 5, Tong Yen Hospital no longer offers it. As far as I know, only Landseed Hospital at the Taoyuan Airport offers it now (8 slots per day), and are booked up till the end of May.

:frowning: Ya, i just found this article.

Yes, my report was in both Chinese and English at no extra charge. My destination was USA, and the report was only asked at TPE during check-in. When I arrived at SFO, only a small number of passengers got stopped by CDC officials at the gate to show their test results (I presume).

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OMG…sounds like its not even strict at all in the states. I am going straight to Atlanta. How much did u pay for your ticket? I paid like $1240 for one way routing through Korea. Its Korea airline partner with Delta.

Neither of these seem to work anymore - is there an updated link?

When the file is updated, the address changes. The current one is

You may find it on https://www.cdc.gov.tw

click COVID-19防疫專區 image
嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎 >
Designated Hospital List for out-of-pocket COVID-19 PCR testing_1100602.pdf

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This info isn’t exactly about “where” for PCR tests, but for “How much”, from press conference of June 26, 2021:

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That’s for citizens , right?

For resident foreigners I’m imagining they reduced from 7000 to 5000nt? Although I didn’t see he mentioning that in the press conference.

I just know about the tweet, I’m afraid. (And I had the secondary goal of bumping up other threads to try to have conversations easier to track, rather than all being mashed into the Open thread.)

With the new no-home-quarantine rules, probably moot for me. Those rules make it much, much less likely I’ll be heading overseas this summer.

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That’s the intent. They even don’t acknowledge vaxxed pilots if they had the shot abroad. Why would normal folks like us expect.

Article on it.

I checked the CDC link and then into the pricing per hospital ,I didn’t see a difference price for foreigners mentioned.

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