Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Time for real panic! :runaway: :runaway: :runaway:


Yeah that was the point I was making. The QR code’s are better because very few people are going to self report.

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They’ve extended the filing deadline. You can go in and file but expect hazmat suits.


I guess there would be outgoing flights during Level 4 lockdown :flushed:

Taxes are due past June.

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By this you mean June 30 right? That’s the extended deadline I heard…


Why should there not…

My strategy reading this thread is

  1. Go to the bottom
  2. Scroll up until I see a comment with a reference like news or something that might be relevant
  3. Ignore everything else

Or I guess I could peruse 8877 comments. No.


Tell them you can’t return and you can’t pay. :laughing:

Actually, no, you can’t, or at least not at present. I went to an office to pick up tax forms last week and the office was mostly in darkness - just a couple of people were there.

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I wonder if they’ll fast track the rebates then…technically they owe a lot of us a lot of money (not me I’m on 5% year round).

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The way things are going, ain’t gonna be a huge issue.

BTW Taipei City announced reduction in rent will get landlords reduction in taxes. I do not think they see the problem there…


Maybe if you have specific questions we can try to answer…

ha! My landlady came up last week to specifically remind me not to claim any rent deduction, for obvious reasons.


Ah the charms of Taiwan’s landlord class.

Some things never change, even in a pandemic.



Problem is, a lot of landlords don’t pay tax.

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Course they do. They know landlords don’t pay tax because most of the ruling classes are landlords. They know full well that nobody will file for rent deductions, so they can pretend that they’re helping out the plebs while making no actual rebates.


Fecking BBC. I’m sensing a pattern with BBC when it comes to Taiwan.


It is worse in Spanish, believe me.

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I’ve read worse from them.