Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Speaking of, what happens if your ARC will expire during a Level 4 lockdown?

Where did you see that it is deadlier? More transmissible yes, but not deadlier.

There is even another one watching out for A Third SARS-CoV-2 Variant Of Interest (Potentially Concern) Emerges From Sub-Saharan Africa

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@Icon is posting the district breakdown of news cases in Xinbei. No concern (I hope) for you in Kaohsiung.



If x goes to the store and than later finds out he is positive. In order for the App to work x is suppose to tell the App he tested positive. The App tells everyone that was within Bluetooth distance of him in the store that they were in contact with a positive case, in this scenario x.

As I said in my post the problem with this is that it requires x to have downloaded the App before he went to the store and also requires him to report his positive test.


When there were small number of cases,they would publish a detailed schedule. They still do in Taichung or other cities with few cases.

For Northern Taiwan it has become mission impossible. They do have the data.

I guess the problem is about when he/she became infected or infectious.

Unfortunately, less than 1% of positively tested people choose to share their test result with the app:


What happens if my library books expire during Level Four?


How to file taxes in Level 3? Are the membership household offices open?


Time for real panic! :runaway: :runaway: :runaway:


Yeah that was the point I was making. The QR code’s are better because very few people are going to self report.

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They’ve extended the filing deadline. You can go in and file but expect hazmat suits.


I guess there would be outgoing flights during Level 4 lockdown :flushed:

Taxes are due past June.

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By this you mean June 30 right? That’s the extended deadline I heard…


Why should there not…

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Tell them you can’t return and you can’t pay. :laughing: