Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Thank you, that helped me find this page with current programs/regulations and lots of other information from the government.

The CECC’s strategy is very clear.

On a larger scale:
Do not waste resources and man power. Save them for when we are really seeing community spread.

At the Border:
Restricted to essential travel, but do not opt for a complete shutdown, as that would encourage people trying to enter the country through means where the government cannot monitor.

Mandatory 14 days quarantine and tests if there are symptoms. The idea is that by the time people get out of quarantine, they are less likely to still being capable to transmit COVID-19 even if they can still be tested positive with high CT PCR.

For the Community:
Minimize the chances of transmission, in case border screening let a few carriers through. That includes masks in public, and restrict event size and gatherings when there are local cases. Extensive contact tracing for those who tested positive and additional quarantine for those that have come in contact.

So far it’s been working well.


As per the above linked update:

Starting April 10 [2021], Taiwan to again allow arriving travelers with history of travel to the UK, South Africa or Eswatini to undergo quarantine at quarantine hotels or follow one person per residence requirement and quarantine at home


Sad news, one more COVID death in Taiwan and new case (lady flew in from the USA) New COVID fatality brings death toll to 11 in Taiwan | Taiwan News | 2021/04/11


It seems that people get it on planes and airports somehow.

According to the article linked above, this was one of the patients infected in the Taoyuan hospital cluster—a man in his 60s.




Crew members of Taiwanese airlines who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be exempt from quarantine when they return to Taiwan, while those who are not vaccinated will also enjoy relaxed quarantine rules, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said Wednesday.


Strange… I was not aware that the pandemic has ended…


This may be the trial run that CDC is executing before testing to allow citizens and ARC holders in with COVID-19 vaccine without doing the 14 days (or maybe a week).
Nice catch.

I thought the vaccinated may still spread the virus. Why would they be exempt?

With that line of thinking, Taiwan will never let go of 14-day quarantine, ever.
I don’t concur.

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They could wait until more studies have concluded it’s safe or the population has been vaccinated. Not a big deal.

If they are just going to throw it away to chance, they could have saved us the aggravation and gone with life goes on @finley approach from the get go.


But the whole game has been about chance, minimizing the chance of someone bringing it into Taiwan, and minimizing the chance of spreading person to person if it was ever inside. They will have to take some risks as they relax.

Fuck yea! The good ones are arriving! Gimme gimme gimme!

It isn’t that bad for the others.

Yeah. I’m on the higher risk side of that vaccine. At least the mRNA vaccines are lower risk for young people.

You could vaccinate the whole adult population of Taiwan with AZ and they would likely be less deaths than there are in a few days on Taiwan’s roads, why worry?


You’re talking about deaths as a statistic. There’s also the human factor too. Why not be smart about it and minimise its risks by giving appropriate age groups the right one? Young people can get the Moderna and old people can get the astrazeneca. Now we’ve lowered the risks even further by employing smart distribution and risk management.