Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Down to 50 active cases now, from a recent high of 137 on December 23.

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Does anybody here have a face mask tan line?




You mean like at the night market, on the MRT, or at any urban park on a weekend?

If social distancing were the key to beating COVID Taiwan would be a disaster zone by now.


I actually read Taiwanese women here have here like the worst cases of osteoporosis…

Nutrition has always been debatable with the must be 45 kilos fat gang…which are in the dreaded 20 to 40 age gap.

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It’s part of a multi-pronged approach. It needs to be accompanied by hand-washing, mask-wearing, etc.

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But there is no “social distancing”, mate. People packed like sardines into buses and the MRT, students crammed into classrooms, punters cheek-to-cheek in night markets, etc.
It ain’t happening.


This is typical of how Taiwan has been “social distancing” during the pandemic:

I’ve been to some bars/clubs too. Masks are very very few…
People mainly wear masks on the streets, plus in public transport and shopping.

That won’t do much. Most superspreading in Europe that could be traced was bars and workplaces… Go figure that the reason for no covid-19 outbreak must be something else - but for sure not the social distancing… (yes it will help a bit - but not much)

2 nights ago - 300 people packed. Waiter wore no masks, took a video for friends back home showing them the good life here. Could not see a single mask in the vid but over 100 faces… Live music…
Bar in Taipei - punk concert. Masks went off pretty soon. Stagediving, and so on. Yes but maybe old people isolate a bit better here. I don’t think that Vitamin D is the reason for all of it. But the main reason. Second reason closed borders/quarantine. Third reason the current regulations. Together enough to get R into the 0.8-1.2 range or so…

No tan-line, but once I did get home and discover a bit of sauce smeared at the side of my mouth. Hadn’t seen it in the hours since lunch because it has been covered by a mask every time I saw a mirror. Presumably that means no one else saw it either.


It just needs to help enough.

Once, all factors considered, the R rate is under 1, it will disappear ESPECIALLY if numbers are already very low…

Actually Taiwan extended school holidays and also cancelled face to face uni classes, all large events. They have been enforcing and encouraging social distancing at key times and places.
Recently Taoyuan was a good example of that and mask use has shot up massively there and required to wear in all stores and public buildings and public transport .

Makes your skin go ‘black’!


If I may present my theory: it is the quality of the masks. Ours here are surgical grade, made of plastic, built to keep a droplet charged with virus at bay.

The common citizens abroad are still wearing cloth masks, not even silk ones…


What is today’s report?

Two more reported imported cases today—one from the Philippines and one from Malaysia:



And maybe surgical grade masks plus humidity (Taiwan has both). Perhaps in the Old Countries the masks are drying out a lot quicker.

Well, in the old country they say masks give you pneumonia…and quote doctors such as Fauci himself, imagine that.

They are also wearing cloth masks, general public that is. Doctors wore plastic bags for a while but it seems now they have an N95 per day rather than per week.

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No local, 1 imported:


Indonesian fisherman in his 20s who came to work in Taiwan on 2/4. He provided a negative test and went into quarantine. He was tested on 2/17 before his quarantine was over and the result came back positive. Since he was asymptomatic and in quarantine no contacts are listed.


Todays update

快訊》今境內境外都加零!陳時中親揭案939感染真相 (

Zeros both inside and outside Taiwan (ROC) today! Chen Shizhong reveals the truth about 939 infection


The zeros are good news; the arrival in Taiwan of the Brazil variant is however more troubling: