Covid, Vitamin D, and Taiwan

Taiwan isn’t lucky. Taiwan has very little vitamin D deficiency. Same for other tropical countries.

And outdoor infectuons also near to not existing. So Taiwan will be “lucky” all the time. Next 30 days still count, it’s the lowest for vitamin D status. If it doesn’t spread badly next 30 days, time till December again without any worries.

Can only hope old people not afraid of coronavirus and skipping outdoor time (the masks alone will lead to some less vitamin D because less visible skin)

You do know locals fear the sun more than COVID? Sun is bad, gives you cancer, makes you blind! So they say…

The things I have seen people do to avoid the sun…

The old country is sunny like 90% of the time, no winter bleak depressing rain weeks without end. Yet in the middle of summer/non rainy season we still have thousands of daily contagions. Brazilian folks wear little clothes in summer and the contagion is rampant.

So a little mask on the face is not a big deal for an elderly Taiwanese in terms of increasing their chances of getting sick of COVID19 because they got less sun. They are already wearing several layers and long sleeves and full face hats while carrying a UV block umbrella.


I don’t know, dude. Sounds like a conversation you have in Brass Monkey totally inebriated. I can respect that. But just come on dude.


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Vitamin D is not the be-all and end-all of Covid prevention. Though it may help the body combat infection to some small degree, it’s far better to avoid catching the virus in the first place until you’re fully vaccinated. In the meantime, eat healthy, get exercise, get all your vitamins and minerals, wear a mask, and social distance.


Taiwan has among the lowest vitamin D deficiency of any developed country. Highest deficiency in 30-40 year old women, who aren’t a risk group. Sun and nutrition. Enough studies to Google…

And vitamin D deficiency heavily increases your chances to get infected in first place. And increases your viral load. Hence very unlikely to have a non vitamin D deficient suoerspreader (all studies on Same as Norway and Finland aren’t lucky, or behaving well. They just have a lot of vitamin D added to milk products and flour.

Alcohol kinda the opposite to vitamin D. Increases your chances to catch any sort of virus.

Isn’t it great when a total rando suddenly comes up with the one big reason Taiwan is COVID free?

If only the rest of the world would listen to them we could fix the whole thing with one big Vitamin D binge.

On a side note: I do recommend taking the Redoxon vitamin C supplement with the added zinc and D.

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Vitamin D has been hypothesized by a lot of people as it explains a lot of peculiarities about covid.

Northern Hemisphere countries have a seasonal pattern of the virus that countries nearer to the equator don’t. Southern Hemisphere countries have opposite patterns as in the north.

VD deficiencies also could help explain why black people get covid something like 1.5x more than white people do but die from it 3x as frequently. In the US, Asians, who have VD deficiencies as bad as black Americans, get covid less frequently than whites but do far, far worse when infected.

Of course, low VD could mean you have a disease that depletes your stores which would be a comorbidity, could mean you’re already sick and simply staying inside and avoiding sunlight, could mean you’re black and have whatever other risk factors black people have whatever risk factors make blacks more susceptible to the illness or could mean nothing whatsoever.

Trials around the world in giving hospital patients higher doses of VD have been mixed.

Perhaps it’s all simply happy coincidence but writing off somebody for saying something that is under clinical study throughout the world has having possible merit as being a drunken bar conversation or deriding that person as being a ‘total rando’ is part of the reason better discussions aren’t had here.


I didn’t know this - I thought that Taiwan was worse off in this area but you are correct.,lived%20in%20an%20urban%20area.

VD deficiency 22.9% for women, 9.9% for men.
Worse rates for 30–39 people.
Risk factors - Female. Youth. High education. Urban. Physically inactive.

I think he could have framed it better. Suddenly jumping on to a thread and claiming the answer to Taiwan’s success lies in VD is always going to raise eyebrows. it’s a very bold claim and needs to be fleshed out. It’s like the claim that post SARS we all have an antibody that protects us.

(I note the fleshing out down thread)

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It ludicrous to claim that the success in Taiwan is due to low vitamin D deficiency. That is NOT why Taiwan is the envy of the world now when it comes to low transmission and death rates caused by coronavirus. It simply isn’t.

See below for the original post. It’s ridiculous. Perhaps vitamin D provides advantages when it comes to this and other diseases but that is not what was being claimed.


Time to move all this Vitamin D stuff to a new thread. This is not a Vitamin D thread


The uptake of Vit. D is slower when your skin is tan/dark.

I :heart: you man


uh VD ???

VD man. The clap is what saved Taiwan.

Which country is it?

The old one

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Those aren’t the main concern of the locals… Sadly, the real reason why sun is feared is that sun exposure makes you tan, and dark skin is bad on a tropical island for some reason…


Let people think you’re a native from the mountains.